Release Notes 1.5 – What’s new at Reckeen’s systems

What’s new at Reckeen’s systems

New SmartKey functionality now available

New SmartKey functionality now available – merging keyed CAM input with a chosen background (still image or video) – for more information regarding this functionality visit SMARTKEY news page.

Demo mode available

Regardless of a kind of owned license, a user can now try out all other available licenses with a use of new demo mode. It gives you access to all features of a regular license, providing you with a great platform for testing purposes. The output signal in this mode will be watermarked.

Skeletal animation support

Skeletal animation support – this type of embedded animations can be controlled by choosing desired phase of such animations, using index control at the Animation panel

Additional features

  • New firmware platform for Reckeen 3DSPro
  • Genlock support for 3DSPro platform
  • 4 additional Video AUX outputs for Reckeen 3DSPro
  • 4K 2160p50, p60, p5994 support
  • SD 4:3 and 16:9 support for Reckeen Lite
  • SD Chroma Key improved
  • RTMPS streaming support
  • New graphics card AMD 5700 XT
  • Optimization and bug fixing

New features in Reckeen 3D Studio the version 1.4.21650

The list of the most important new features in 1.4.21650 version of the Reckeen system along with their short description.

Advance Chroma Key improvement

The new version of the Chroma key adds new functionalities:

  • Colour picker – specific colour selection is now possible in Advance Keyer,
    Pick colour – When you click on the button Chrominance Keyer below the highlighted Mode button , a window with a key settings opens up. Now the background color is selected with a probe. Clicking on the Pick color icon or on a color bar next to the icon, opens a window of a camera preview. Then, you have to select a location with a cursor and click there. The program will automatically sample the color as the background color and present it in the color box next to the probe icon.
  • Alpha Curve parameter – additional parameter to control shape of alpha curve
    Alpha Curve – Chroma key new slider. This new function adjusts the slope of this straight line to add (or subtract) an additional range of colours to a range of non-transparent colours. That way, the range of colours, that are similar to the background colour on which the object is located, will not be cut out by the mask. Additionally, this action highlights the details of the object, i.e. hair tips or areas on the edges of the clothes.

Simple Key improvement

  • Shrink option added – same option like in Advance Key
    Edge Correction is an additional correction that improves the keying quality. The Shrink function is responsible for reducing the object’s contour by softening it.
    This is especially important for certain types of cameras, image from which can produce a white line around the object. It is possible to remove it with the Shrink function. You can also use it in the cases where keying is difficult in some places, due to the properties of the object’s edges or lighting.

Start stage of animation selection

  • User can select start stage of animation (before was always “Intro” now can be set also to “Maintain” or “Outro”)

Trigger configuration button

  • Trigger configuration button – shortcut button to trigger config.

Embedded animation selector added

  • Embedded animation selector added – sub-animation selection is possible in 3D Scene Editor (if 3D object contains embedded animations created by designer)

Sub-animation selection in Advance Animation Trigger.

  • Sub-animation selection in Advance Animation Trigger.

Wait for Trigger Function Key

  • Wait for Trigger Function Key – new command which allows waiting until user press again proper Fn, trigger button.

System buttons and dialogs internationalization

  •  System buttons and dialogs internationalization (translated to Chinese and other languages).

Basic objects (non PBR) conversion to PBR (Physical Based Rendered)

  • Basic objects (non PBR) conversion to PBR (Physical Based Rendered). Converts simple one-texture material to PBR by adding default specular map.

Issue fixed

  • Thumbnail issue fixed.

3D Reckeen software 1.4.21368

The list of the most important new features in 1.4.21368 version of the Reckeen system along with their short description.

The more detailed information can be found in documentation and tutorial videos:

Reckeen 3D Studio and 3D objects animation

  • Animations of any 3D object on a scene
    Moving animations can be added to any object. For example, a graph or a monitor can suddenly appear in a form of moving animations.
    Simple object can be animated in 3 phases (intro, maintenance, outro).
  • Embedded animation – embedded animations from imported 3D object are supported (non rigged, no bones)
  • Dedicated animation trigger

Reckeen 3D Studio controls Blackmagic Design devices via IP protocol

  • Black Magic control by TCP/IP commands – sending control commands to Black Magic devices by TCP/IP or Reckeen MVP100

New hardware support – Reckeen 3DSPRO

  • Reckeen 3D Studio PRO is supported by a very strong hardware platform on which products such as MVP-100 are based. In the first version of firmware, this new platform will extend the capabilities with such features: inputs will support 4 x 3G SDI, 2 X 12G SDI, outputs will support 4 x 3G SDI and 2 x 12G SDI, Independent Program Out will be available on the HDMI output, and the new platform also support Genlock REF in and Loop.

New hardware support – 12G SDI

  • At present Reckeen 3D Studio SDI is available in two versions – with 3G and 12G speed. Version with speed of 12G SDI allows you to record, play and upload video materials in Ultra HD quality – that means the quality is four times better than traditional HD 1080, providing video resolution of 3849 x 2160. Simultaneously, 12G SDI remains compatible with all the SDI equipment.

Full HD streaming support

  • FUllHD streaming support (YouTube)

New configuration button in AudioMixer

New configuration button in AudioMixer with:

  • audio delay control
  • dual mono
  • gain

Stability & optimization

We have fixed many bugs and improved the system’s quality and stability.

Features in 1.3.19745 version

The list of the most important new features in 1.3.19745 version of the Reckeen system along with their short description.

The more detailed information can be found in documentation and tutorial videos:


  • The following section introduces a new function called Transitions FX, that is special effects.
  • The Reckeen system has a 136 (Wipe, Slide and Alpha) database of ready-to-use effects divided into appropriate categories.

New Talent shadow and Talent's automatic pinning to the floor

  • RECKEEN 3D Studio system’s engine renders talent / presenter’s shadows in real-time.
  • Quality has been improved of talent shadow (floor level detection, talent shape shadow)

Reflections 4K

  • RECKEEN 3D Studio system renders real-time reflections from flat glossy surfaces.
  • These reflections change in accordance with altering position of the virtual camera.
  • 4K technology is a new standard for video images.  Now in 4k modes a new quality of reflections has been obtained.

Streaming on new platform

  • New streaming services added (Vimeo, DaCast, SmashCast, Twitch)

New content added

Scenography is one of the most influential elements of a virtual studio, its uniqueness will draw the audience’s attention and emphasize a character of a video material.

With RECKEEN 3D Studio, you get a ready-made designs package, but 3D Studio Editor and Studio Editor Wizard are also its integral parts.

  • With Wizard’s functionality, you can familiarize yourself with the basics of a process of creating virtual scenography.Now are available wizard projects with 45 templates, 633 decorations.
  • PBR (Physical Based Rendering) – scenography, architecture or equipment elements visible on the screen reflect properties of their real-world counterparts. Now 335 PBR materials are available.
  • The current content added to the system contains. For 3D studio 46 ready 3D set design, and for LITE there are 38 sets with more camera shoots (715 shoots in all LITE sets)

Demo sets support

RECKEEN started cooperation with a leading company involved in the creation of scenography, the result of this cooperation is 8 graphic projects made in the PBR technology for the 3D studio and LITE system. The current content includes these scenographies in the demo version. Now you can test them before making your purchase decisions.


  • From now all the set designs created for the LITE system are in 4k technology. The system provides support for earlier HD formats.
  • The LITE  has been expanded by PIP compositions.

Stability & optimization

We have fixed many bugs and improved the system’s quality and stability.

Features in 1.3 version

The list of the most important new features in 1.3 version of the Reckeen system along with their short description. The more detailed information can be found in documentation and tutorial videos:

Automatic firmware (VirtuMega hardware) update

This feature allows us to update the firmware on the user’s device automatically.

On the Startup Screen, the user will be notified that the newest version of software is available and, after it is downloaded, hardware will be detected and firmware updated if necessary.

Auto keyboard update

A similar function like in the VirtuMega hardware, which checks and auto-updates firmware for the connected VK-100 keyboard.

Full integration with VK-100

The new version supports all the keyboard functions (joystick, t-bar, …)

GPU performance measurement

We have added “Performance” button in 3D Editor which allows you to measure the current system performance (mainly GPU – graphics card performance).

This value depends on output video format, number of connected inputs, inputs’ format, enabled keys, media format, etc.

Therefore, in order to check whether 3D Set and current configuration is not overloaded, it should be used with actual working configuration.

4K p25/30 support

We support 2x4K p25/p30/p2997 inputs/outputs and media up to p30.
In the current version 4K p50/p60 is not supported.

Input overload detection

As there are limits to PCI-e transfers, we cannot support all the possible input formats configurations.

There are some limits. If the connected input exceeds the limits, an “overload” icon we will displayed on the input preview.

We support throughput up to 4xFUllHD p60, which means, for example:
– 4 x HD p60 are supported
– 2 x 4K p30 are supported (4Kp30 = 2 x HDp60)
– 1 x 4Kp30 + 2 x HDp60…
– …

New Talent shadow and Talent's automatic pinning to the floor

We have decided to prepare a dedicated shadow for the talent (different than the one for decorations), as problems with the Talent’s shadow had been encountered repeatedly.

We have added a possibility to render a kind of shape (spot/cross).

To use and test that feature, first you have to enable chroma key for the selected input, adjust it properly and then enable shadow for the scene and for the Talent object.

The input signal is analyzed and feet are detected to move the talent downwards to place the figure on the floor. There are 2 parameters, “Size” and “Shape”, in talent object properties and a global parameter to adjust the density of the talent’s shadow.

Audio Digital Box ADB 100 support

A dedicated audio mixer for external ADB hardware. It automatically detects the connected hardware and enables new inputs/outputs.

New content added

New 2D sets, 3D sets, 2D 4K sets, Wizard projects, videos, pictures, ….

Stability & optimization

We have fixed many bugs and improved the system’s quality and stability.

Import/Export of a streaming profile to FMLE file format (XML based format used by Adobe Encoder)