Up to 4 signal sources in the FULL HD format, i.e. 1080p60, can be connected to the Reckeen system’s input card.
In the case of a system with SDI card, one of the inputs supports 4K format with 2160p30 resolution, which is equivalent to the need to process twice as much data as with 1080p60. If you connect such a signal to the system, you can connect 2 additional signal sources in FULL HD format to two other sockets. In the case of connecting another source to the card’s input, an “Overload” graphics will appear on the display. Such a signal source will not be supported in the system.

Warning !!!

If OVERLOAD appears on the input preview, it is necessary to physically disconnect such source from the Reckeen system.
The maximum system throughput is checked each time a source cable is plugged in and a correct communication with the Reckeen system occurs. Priority is given to a source a signal of which is detected first. NDI inputs do not participate in the calculation of the physical inputs’ allowed transfer and are governed by their own rules described in the NDI STANDARD section.

Possible system configurations:

  • 4 inputs x1080p60
  • 2 inputs x2160p30 (card type 4x HDMI)
  • 1 input x 2160p30 and 2 inputs x1080p60

Multiview Panel

In the Multiview area, in the windows at the top left of the screen, you can display image from cameras or every video signal source and other multimedia files . There are two preview windows on the right side of the production screen:
PREVIEW (caption on the green bar) and PROGRAM (caption on the red bar)

  • PREVIEW – presentation of an item chosen to broadcast next
  • PROGRAM – presentation of a currently broadcasting signal (system output)

Mulitiview view on the production screen for Reckeen 3D Studio, as shown below.

Description of Multiview view elements :

  • Cam 1 Preview window of a camera 1
  • Cam 2 Preview window of a camera 2
  • Cam 3 Preview window of a camera 3
  • Cam 4 Preview window of a camera 4
  • Media 1 Preview window of a video file 1 from the hard drive
  • Media 2 Preview window of a video file 2 from the hard drive
  • Still 1 Preview window of a still image 1 from the hard drive
  • Still 2 Preview window of a still image 2 from the hard drive

Description of Multiview view elements :

  • Text 1 Preview window of a text panel 1 from the hard drive
  • Text 2 Preview window of a text panel 2 from the hard drive
  • Preview Preview window of a program prepared for broadcast
  • Program Window with a preview of program’s current production
  • Stream Icon enabling online streaming of a program
  • Capture Icon enabling recording of a program to the hard drive
  • Still/grab Icon enabling saving a single PROGRAM image frame to the hard drive
  • Volume & Set volume Two vertical bars showing Audio output signal level and a slider controlling the Audio output signal level
  • V/C1 Preview window of a Virtual Camera V/C 1
  • V/C2 Preview window of a Virtual Camera V/C 2
  • V/C3 Preview window of a Virtual Camera V/C 3
  • V/C4 Preview window of a Virtual Camera V/C 4

Multiview view can be set on a separate monitor in order to facilitate the operator’s work. See: Additional monitors support.
Multiview view on a separate monitor for the Reckeen 3D Studio system.


There are three options on the toolbar: File, Options and Help

Options – File

  • File – Load Session . . . – opens a session file with a previously saved production.
  • File – Save Session – saves a current production file.
  • File – Save Session As . . . – saves a current production in a file under a different name.
  • File – Go to Startup – takes you to the start screen

Options – Layout

In this option, you can choose the number of screens to display and their arrangement on the monitors.

Options - Language

Here, you can set the system language by selecting it

Options – Style

Here, you can choose the color of Style skin : White or Black

Options – Configuration

When you select the Configuration option, a window opens with tabs in its left side containing the available categories of settings:

  • Triggers – settings of Triggers for the physical PC keyboard or VKEY-100 control panel. More in the section: Control Panel / external keyboard
  • Capture – quality settings for recording to a file on your hard drive. More in the section: Capture function
  • Streaming – streaming settings. More in the section: Video program Streaming function.
  • Audio – audio settings . More in the section: Configuration Window: Audio Tab
  • Screens – assigning production windows to monitor screen. More in the section: Setting the displayed content on the monitors.
  • General – general system options are described below. Configuration Window see picture below.
  • NDI – replace system inputs as NDI inputs

Configuration Window: General Playlist window:

  • Image default Playback time – default playback time for still images in seconds.
  • Play media after selection through double click, described in the section: Preparing media for broadcast

Program window:

  • Mirror on PGM monitor – enabling this feature allows you to view the mirror image on the Preview monitor, giving you the possibility to use it as a preview monitor for the presenter. More in the section: Setting the displayed content on the monitors.
  • Show PGM on OUT 2 – in Reckeen 3D Studio as a default, a signal corresponding to PGM is set on the first card output and a signal from PVW is set on the second card output. After selecting Show PGM on OUT 2 function, you get the PGM image also on the second output.

SDI 3G Output Mapping window:

When the Reckeen 3D Studio system operates in 3G format (1080p), you have two possibilities of SDI output operating modes: Level A (Direct), Level B (Dual Link). If you want to convert SDI signal to HDMI, or your monitor requires a suitable signal mode (Direct or Dual Link), you must select an appropriate option.

Studio Editor:

Reset pop-up hints visibility to default state – described in the section about Performance

Studio Editor Wizard:

Reset pop-up hints visibility to default state – described in the section about Wizard

3D Production module screen

After clicking on the 3D Production icon on the start screen, the main module of the system appears on the screen. It’s a kind of an executive center, where most of the Reckeen 3D system production functions are activated from.
The screen of 3D Production for Reckeen 3D Studio (White Style)

The production screen area can be divided into five main areas, as shown below (Black Style):

  1. Toolbar
  2. Multiview Panel (previews panel)
  3. Vision Mixer (production switcher)
  4. Virtual 3D studio Configuration Panel
  5. Media trays


After you click Microsoft Paint 3D button and then Start Paint 3D button, you will be redirected to Microsoft Paint  3D. You can create there your own 3D objects and save them in * .FBX format on the disk. After closing Microsoft Paint  3D program, you automatically return to Reckeen 3D Studio’s start screen. You can load the created 3D object (e.g. a 3D text) to your stage design after clicking 3D PRODUCTION button and opening 3D Studio Editor.

Paint 3D program gives you enormous opportunities, like:

  • You can sketch the drawing and then quickly change it into a three dimensional object.
  • You can use the ready-made solids, build objects with their use, paint them, change their sizes and so on.
  • Realistic textures, such as wood, grass or others, can be applied to your objects.
  • You can create clippings from your favorite images or photos and use them as stickers to be put on your 3D models.
  • You can show your 3D objects on Remix3D.com , where you can also find and use thousands of other users’ creations.

You want a car to appear in your studio? It’s very easy – you can create it from scratch or use one of the existing pieces of work!
You can put the crated objects into Reckeen 3D Studio system and enjoy the results of your work.
Microsoft has released a series of video tutorials for Paint 3D:

Before you begin working with Microsoft Paint  3D, please read the terms of Microsoft Services Agreement. They are available at: www.microsoft.com


Before starting a new production, first you should choose an appropriate video format, that is a format of the Reckeen 3D Studio system signal output. Click on the 3D PRODUCTION button, and then select the format in which you will be working from the drop-down menu , next to the icon labeled Start Production. Keep in mind for the choice to be consistent with your camera’s working format.

You can also load a file from a previously saved production session. The system has its own session files*.recSession. Session files contain production settings, video clips, graphics, logo, sound, program options, key settings, streaming settings and other. Select a saved session from the drop-down menu, next to the cursor arrow will appear a path to the file on the disk , as shown below, and click on the Load Session button.

You can also search the hard drive to load a previously saved session. It is done by clicking on the button with three dots located next to the Load Session icon.