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Who are we?

RECKEEN offers end-to-end 3D virtual studio & AR solutions consisting of broadcasting software with 3D rendering tools, and highly efficient PC-based hardware.

Our cost-effective, yet advanced products will allow you to run real-time productions even in a small studio, with RECKEEN as your only device performing all crucial tasks: from chroma keying, navigation of your 3D environment, to switching your signals, managing audio, macros and streaming.

Our solutions can work in both trackless and PTZ tracking production modes to fit your needs and meet demands of any project. 

RECKEEN gives you full flexibility to be used as a stand-alone workstation – as a perfect one-person-productions solution, as well as a part of a larger workflow in bigger studios.

Who can benefit from our products?

✅ Local TV stations
✅ Production houses
✅ Broadcasters
✅ Virtual Events companies
✅ Corporations
✅ E-learning facilities
✅ Schools and Universities

Crucial downloads


UFC Production by RECKEEN

Virtual Kitchen show

3D Virtual Studio Tracking & AR using PTZ and FreeD protocol

3D Virtual Studio Tracking & AR using PTZ and FreeD protocol