RSS module is a place where information about news , events, promotions and products is sent by the manufacturer. There are five windows on the start screen. Remember that in order to receive it, it is necessary to have an Internet connection.

Configuration settings

Here are five functions available in this option Language, Style, Update, Free sets and About.

  • Language
    • Clicking on this icon allows you to change the system language.
  • Style
    • Choice of skins Style for the system: White or Black.
  • Update
    • After clicking on the Update icon, the system searches for software updates.
    • If no new available versions appear in the window, it means the system is fully up-to-date.
  • Free sets
    • The system Reckeen comes with 30 free 3D sets and 30 free Lite sets.
    • After clicking on the button, follow the on-screen instructions. You have to create an account.
  • About
    • When you click on this button the End-User License Agreement (EULA) appears in a separate window along with the current software version number and card’s serial number at the bottom of the window.

Still Editor

Also from the Start screen you can start the STILL Editor. It is a program for creating text and graphic panels. You can prepare, for example, subtitles, logos or news tickers – which will later appear on screen. First, select from the drop-down menu an appropriate resolution, consistent with resolution of production video, and then click on the Start Editor button. You can also load a previously saved file by selecting it from the drop-down menu or by searching your hard drive, as in the previous example.

4K resolution

The Reckeen system allows you to work in 4K resolution. This means operating the system’s up two inputs and 1 output in 2160p format, i.e. with a resolution of 3840×2160. The chroma and luma key also work in 4K format. Reckeen LITE studio offers a Full HD resolution. By purchasing additional License Key, You can upgrade it to 3D Studio &LITE with 4K resolution. In addition, up to two of the inputs, depending on the system version, namely CAM 1 and CAM 3 to which we connect HDMI signal, allows us to connect 4K input signal. We choose CAM1 input for 4K signal.

Before we start working with 3D PRODUCTION or LITE PRODUCTION application, in the STARTUP module, we have to select an appropriate video output format. We do this using a drop-down list located below the buttons. This time, we have added new output formats, labeled 2160p. Picture below.

They are characterized by four times the number of pixels compared to Full HD resolution used previously. It is a resolution of 3840 x 2160.
We can choose from among 3 progressive scan operating modes, that is full frame frequency: p25, p29,97 and p30.
We will choose 2160p30 format and press START PRODUCTION button. We will obtain this resolution at the RECKEEN card’s PROGRAM output after starting the system and loading the Production module. On the second output – PREVIEW – we get a resolution of 1080p30.
We will get information about this resolution when we hover the cursor over input bar. Picture at right.

We suggest to always match the refresh rate of the input image to the output, as in this case: progressive signal p30.


When you press LITE Production button, the same options appear on the screen as with the 3D Production mode. You have to choose the right format and load the session. Reckeen LITE mode will start after clicking Start Production button.


After you click Microsoft Paint 3D button and then Start Paint 3D button, you will be redirected to Microsoft Paint  3D. You can create there your own 3D objects and save them in * .FBX format on the disk. After closing Microsoft Paint  3D program, you automatically return to Reckeen 3D Studio’s start screen. You can load the created 3D object (e.g. a 3D text) to your stage design after clicking 3D PRODUCTION button and opening 3D Studio Editor.

Paint 3D program gives you enormous opportunities, like:

  • You can sketch the drawing and then quickly change it into a three dimensional object.
  • You can use the ready-made solids, build objects with their use, paint them, change their sizes and so on.
  • Realistic textures, such as wood, grass or others, can be applied to your objects.
  • You can create clippings from your favorite images or photos and use them as stickers to be put on your 3D models.
  • You can show your 3D objects on , where you can also find and use thousands of other users’ creations.

You want a car to appear in your studio? It’s very easy – you can create it from scratch or use one of the existing pieces of work!
You can put the crated objects into Reckeen 3D Studio system and enjoy the results of your work.
Microsoft has released a series of video tutorials for Paint 3D:

Before you begin working with Microsoft Paint  3D, please read the terms of Microsoft Services Agreement. They are available at:


Before starting a new production, first you should choose an appropriate video format, that is a format of the Reckeen 3D Studio system signal output. Click on the 3D PRODUCTION button, and then select the format in which you will be working from the drop-down menu , next to the icon labeled Start Production. Keep in mind for the choice to be consistent with your camera’s working format.

You can also load a file from a previously saved production session. The system has its own session files*.recSession. Session files contain production settings, video clips, graphics, logo, sound, program options, key settings, streaming settings and other. Select a saved session from the drop-down menu, next to the cursor arrow will appear a path to the file on the disk , as shown below, and click on the Load Session button.

You can also search the hard drive to load a previously saved session. It is done by clicking on the button with three dots located next to the Load Session icon.

Reckeen 3D Studio System Startup

  1. Connect a power cord, a PC keyboard, a mouse and a control panel to the Reckeen 3D Studio workstation.
  2. Connect one, two or three Full HD monitors to the workstation using HDMI, DVI or Display Port on the graphics card. Recommended resolution is 1920×1080 . It is not recommended to connect monitors with different resolutions.
  3. Set the power switch located on the rear panel of the workstation to position 1 – enabled. Open the right door of the front panel and press the button starting the Reckeen 3D Studio system for a couple of seconds. This button is located on the right side of the red reset button.
  4. Important: if you ignore all the messages during the startup process (which can approximately take up to one minute), you will be redirected automatically to the Reckeen 3D Studio Start screen. For more information, see the System Recovery section.
  5. During the first use of the system, the user is obligated to confirm the EULA End-user license agreement. For detailed description go to the About section in CONFIGURATION
  6. There are eight options to choose from on the Start screen (In Version3D + LITE):
    1. 3DPRODUCTION – start the video production in 3D Mode
    2. MICROSOFT PAINT 3D – run Paint 3D Program
    3. LITE PRODUCTION – run Reckeen LITE and start the video production LITE Mode
    4. VSM LITE Editor – start the Reckeen Virtual Space Maker LITE editor
    5. STILL Editor – start the STILL Editor
    6. CONFIGURATION settings – application configuration
    7. RSS – five windows with manufacturer’s information about news, events, promotions, etc.
    8. SHUTDOWN – shuts down the system or close application

The detailed description of each option can be found in the following sections of this manual.