New RECKEEN software version now available – Release 1.9

New software version is now available do download!

We’re thrilled to announce that from now on RECKEEN supports FreeD Protocol, therefore PTZ tracking & Augmented Reality productions are now available using Reckeen 3D Studio software*.

What’s changed in 1.9 version?

  • Better quality streaming with bitrate up to 9000 kbps
  • Chroma key with 3 colour pickers
    It’s hard to get one consistent green colour all around your green screen – the most common reason is lighting. To ensure more precise keying when the conditions are imperfect, you can now choose up to 3 colours with the picker in Simple chroma key settings.
  • New effects in 3D Studio Editor:
    • Opacity – you can now use opacity in two scenarios – you can change the opacity of any object and set it to a desired value, as well as use opacity as an effect for INTRO and OUTRO in animation settings – an object will appear or disappear from the stage by changing its opacity from or to 0%.
    • Wipe – an effect can be used for INTRO and OUTRO phases in animation settings – an object will appear or disappear from the stage by wipe effect which can be set up at different angles (multiples of 45 degree angles).
  • Virtual set scaler in 3D Studio Editor. Make any virtual set bigger or smaller using SCALE option in 3D Studio Editor. You can independently scale each of the X,Y and Z axes. This is particularly useful when using Virtual Studio PTZ tracking feature – sine you cannot change the size of a talent, you need to change the size (scale) of a 3D set, if the proportions between the talent and the scene do not match up.
  • RECKEEN XR – features for PTZ tracking & AR* RECKEEN now supports FreeD protocol, which allows for PTZ tracking and AR productions. These features are called RECKEEN XR.

RECKEEN XR Software changes

  • Tracking tab in the configuration window
  • PTZ tab for PTZ presets next to V/C tab
  • Status Monitor
  • Set calibration window
  • T1-T4 options in 3D Studio Editor
  • PTZ control via VKey-100 Control Panel
  • Virtual Studio PTZ Tracking:
    • talent shadows
    • precise reflections
    • depth recognition – possibility to walk around a 3D object
    • 360° mode – you can now make productions using high resolution 360° still pictures
  • Augmented Reality:
    • AR shadows
    • AR light in 3D Studio Editor / Lights
    • Chroma keying in AR mode – possibility to insert trackless video signals, and to use Smartkey feature.
  • Multi-camera productions using multiple modes – use a combination of Virtual Studio tracking, AR and trackless modes in one, multi-camera production.


RECKEEN XR demo version with watermark is available to every RECKEEN user who updates the software to version 1.9. However, to fully enable the features, purchase of RECKEEN XR license is needed.
Licenses are available for 90 days, 365 days and lifetime. Find out more by sending an email to and by visiting