Create – produce – broadcast

This 2-dimensional, high quality system is the most all-rounded and affordable virtual studio workstation on the market. Easy-to-use software, automation features, editors – those are just a few reasons why RECKEEN LITE is perfect for everyone who wants to produce creative, interesting and professional-looking TV content.


RECKEEN LITE a 2D virtual studio system, that includes high quality hardware combined with smart, efficient and easy-to-use software. The combination of quality and durability of the product with reasonable price point makes it perfect for novice broadcasters who strive for great results, innovative education facilities that want to incorporate technology into teaching and learning, for creating corporate materials and different kinds of presentations, and for all creative people who produce videos and TV content and aim for impressive outcome.

This complete workstation, together with pre-installed software, allows you to create, produce and broadcast material filmed on a green screen. Thanks to high quality, professional chroma key, the system can extract objects and persons from the green background and place them in a virtual set or scenography. Recording in a small, plain room is not a problem anymore! Using our virtual studio, your space can appear much bigger and more impressive. Add your desired media, graphics, text, logos and more, to create engaging, memorable and captivating content.

Intuitive switcher, easy-to-use application, and many automation functions, make this product perfect for inexperienced users, and for those who work alone – this system makes it possible to create, produce and broadcast your content completely on your own.

All that and much more come with this budget-friendly system – RECKEEN Lite


Production module of the RECKEEN LITE system provides a user with all tools needed for live program production.

The application has a clear layout, with all main features displayed on the main screen. Often, productions require performing multiple operations nearly simultaneously, and that’s why RECKEEN LITE production application has been made to make your workflow the most efficient and easy.


Our Still Editor application allows you to create text panels and aesthetically impressive compositions in the form of graphic files with images and texts, such as news tickers. Texts can also be edited during broadcast, in real-time, without the need to go back to the application – this way you can place a text panel with a new content live on-air immediately.


With its help, you can easily create your own virtual studio or scenography. Using this intuitive application, everyone can create a unique design, tailored to individual needs and liking. The editor is provided within the RECKEEN Lite software, but it’s also a stand-alone software, available for free!


RECKEEN Lite system has 4 camera inputs, up to 4K format. It allows you to have up to two 4K or up to four Full HD camcorders connected to the RECKEEN’s workstation. Their signals are keyed independently in a high quality, thanks to four independent chroma key channels. Multiple inputs allow a user to make more complex productions with numerous talents filmed on different greenscreens, and also in different locations – if using an NDI connection.


NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interface technology enables compatible systems, devices, and applications to connect and communicate over IP to share video, audio, and data.

RECKEEN Lite system offers 6 NDI inputs for cameras and Media. Camera inputs include supported stream key and RECKEEN chroma key.

The system also includes an NDI output, which allows Program output to be broadcasted using NDI technology.


Each of the signals from the camera inputs can be keyed with independent, user-defined chroma keys (upstream keys). You have the choice of three keying modes:



This mode allows you to accurately configure keying properties. It is a 6-step process with a wizard feature, that gives you a detailed description of each step, to help you achieve the best results.



This simplified mode generates most of the keying settings automatically, on the basis of algorithms analysing the image. A user sets up the key using only 3 sliders, which makes it easy, quick, and perfect for less experienced users.



Luma keying is based on the levels of signal’s luminance readings. This mode includes extensive panel of keying configuration options, from white balance, through cut-off levels, to post-production effects.


Before starting a broadcast, we need to configure our chosen studios, talents and media we wish to use.

For each virtual camera, we can choose a different scenography – that gives us a possibility to use 4 completely various environments in one production. Each one can have assigned up to 4 phases. A phase defines a position of a camera. During production we can transition between those shots in an easy way, without the need to do it manually.

One of the first things we should also do before production is to select a signal source for each place dedicated for a talent. We might need to adjust the size and position of a talent, to match a virtual environment. We can also assign any media, such as videos or graphics, to virtual monitors in a studio, that we wish do display during the broadcast.


RECKEEN Lite, by default, comes with 30 professionally-prepared set designs in various styles and themes. Virtual sets contain decorations, furniture and virtual screens on which various media can be displayed.

Moreover, by using our free software – VSM Lite Editor, you can create your own, unique scenography, or edit the existing one provided with the system.

By assigning phases into a chosen set, we can create an impression that every shot is filmed with a different camera. That way the production can appear much more impressive.


Media tray stores all of your media files: videos, audio files, pictures, and texts, in one organized place, that is divided into five tabs. The shortcuts make navigating between the tabs easy and efficient, which is extremely important during a production and broadcasting process.


RECKEEN Lite system is equipped with a built-in audio mixer, that allows you to mix signal levels for all of the inputs – from cameras and microphones, as well as media and audio files.

Output signal can be adjusted and managed, as well as recorded straight from the broadcasted material.

The mixer is also equipped with a Follow function, which automatically synchronizes an audio source with an input that’s being aired, avoiding situations when microphones, or other audio sources, are forgotten to be turned on or off in the correct times.


RECKEEN LITE system gives a user as much as 16 simultaneous preview windows, enabling efficient production of a live program. Given their functions, previews can be divided into three groups:

  • previews of input signals – camera, media and text inputs,
  • production previews – Preview and Program,
  • previews of virtual cameras – views of chosen Virtual Camera phases.

Multiviewer located in the production screen allows you to efficiently manage your work in a virtual studio. Any changes are displayed in Preview windows instantly, with no extra time needed for rendering, providing a user with real-time view of a produced program.

For an easy and clear management during production and to ensure a complete comfort of work, Multiviewer can be displayed on additional monitors.

DSK (downstream key)

Graphics, news tickers, animated logos and other textboards are placed on the main signal as overlays called DSK (downstream key). RECKEEN Lite system allows you to add up to two DSK signals simultaneously. Any kind of media can be placed as a DSK layer, giving you full freedom. Use this feature with content prepared in our Still Editor!

Additionally, a creative way of using this function is with slideshow presentation – if a slideshow has been made on a green background. This background will be keyed, leaving only graphics and text visible, which can truly enhance the look of your production, making it even more unique.


Get even closer to your subscribers and followers with an easy, live streaming option!

Stream to any social media and broadcasting platform directly from RECKEEN Lite.

Use ready-made streaming profiles to popular platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and many more, or choose custom settings to stream to any other platform of your choice.