Soon, new generations won’t remember schools the way we do. They won’t remember the time without PlayStation, Nintendo, Snapchat filters, or virtual reality – they won’t understand it. It is in educators’ hands to keep up with those changes.

Online education market

For the last decade education sector has been changing drastically – using iPads and other technology-driven interactive tools during classes is a normality, universities open online courses, e-learning companies spring up like mushrooms, schools run YouTube channels.
For some, those adaptations are fairly easy to implement, for others they might not be, but the truth is that if we want to be good teachers, we need to follow these trends, whether we like it or not. That’s why education institutions more and more often look for different ways to fulfil the needs of their students and deliver the lessons in the most attractive way possible.

“88% of education professionals agree that video improves engagement with students”

(source: SONY)

“Attractive” – a word that just a few years ago we would not put together with “classes” or “school”. But now, everything’s changed. Kids and young adults nowadays need constant stimulus. They like to be engaged by a virtual world; students are motivated by technology and they will show much greater engagement during class if it is delivered in a way that they understand best – with a use of technology. That is, by definition, part of Generation Z’s identity. That’s why educators constantly look for new, more interesting ways for creating their lessons, trainings and presentations.

“The edtech industry in China is expected to grow 20 percent annually, while […] India’s online education market will rise more than 6x to $1.96 billion over the next four years”

(source: Techcrunch)

But is it enough to just put a camera in front of a white board and connect with students via Skype, or film a lesson and put it on the internet for the world to see, or sell it as an online course? Is it engaging? Where is that technology factor? Is it going to look better if you throw a few PowerPoint slides into the mix?

Well, for some, it might work, but it doesn’t strike me as the kind of content that Gen Z would genuinely appreciate.

RECKEEN e-Learning – a virtual alternative

What if, and hear me out, what if we could run lessons from a completely virtual world, and at the same time communicate with students in almost the same way we do during a normal class? Why would we do that, you ask? Because it gives us way more possibilities to connect with the students on their level of engagement, be creative, pass the knowledge in an attractive and innovative way, rather than through still graphics and text in the books that most students won’t remember anyway.
We are responsible for our students, and we need to provide them with knowledge that will stay with them for life, so if there are solutions, like RECKEEN  e-Learning, that can make the experience of both learning and teaching more interesting and engaging, then how can we not use its advantages?

One of the company’s motto is: “Products for truly creative people”. And honestly, they really are. There are so many possible ways of using their virtual studio, that what limits you is only your imagination and creativity.

The beauty of this technology is that we might only use a small room to record, but the students will see not a boring classroom, but a whole new and fascinating virtual world of knowledge. Each subject might be placed in a different virtual scenery to fit presented topic, and filled with eye-catching animated visualizations, augmented reality presentations, multiple virtual monitors presenting engaging content – from your handwriting notes, to pictures, videos, graphs, slideshow presentations; and your students can be a part of that experience in real-time, interacting with each other and with you.
This creative tool will enable you to present each lesson’s topic in a better and clearer way, and help deconstruct complicated issues into more understandable components. All thanks to technological solutions of RECKEEN e-Learning systems.

I still remember the shock on kids’ faces when, for the first time, they saw it. They looked at a TV screen, and they saw YouTube live stream video showing their teacher standing inside this humongous hall with walls made of glass, with snowy mountaintops view. There was an animated globe spinning around, a moving monitor with some graphs, and probably some other things that have skipped my mind already. Then, they looked up just to see the same teacher being filmed, right in front of their eyes, on a small green screen, with nothing else around. Never before, I saw kids opening their eyes so wide. There was one boy, who mentioned that he has already seen something like that during a trip to a TV station’s headquarters.

Well, actually RECKEEN system is quite similar to what television has been using for quite a while now. But, until recently, this technology was out of reach for most.
RECKEEN however, has come up with a product combining TV technology with a communicator solution that can enhance the work of educators, and make learning fun, innovative and engaging, even when there is a screen barrier between teachers and students – virtual studio e-learning system – RECKEEN e-Learning. Virtual class where classes are hosted allow for two-way interaction with students thanks to integration with a well-known Skype application.

The company has developed this solution to show that schools can be creative. And it doesn’t have to come at a high cost. Quite the opposite – it’s all within educators’ reach.
We strive for inspiring new generations, are we not? What better way is there than delivering fascinating lessons that make our students search and discover the knowledge on their own? Is this not what we all hope for? That’s why we need educational tools, like RECKEEN e-Learning, that will help us achieve it.

So, what exactly is needed?

To get started you only need:

  • a camera – any will do, as long as it allows an HDMI connector
  • a green background – it can be as simple as a green roll-up, green sheet or a green wall
  • a device with installed Skype application
  • and of course, RECKEEN e-Learning system.

RECKEEN offers training sessions to teach you anything from setting up the hardware to using the system to its fullest potential. Additionally, many video tutorials are available online, but if you stumble upon an unknown – the customer service is quick to respond and help you out with any kind of issue.

When you get a grasp of the system, you will be able to prepare and broadcast all lessons by yourself, on your own, and in real-time.
All prep work is done beforehand, and we do not need to worry about things like post-production or editing. Afterall, that’s not our job, and it shouldn’t be. We are here to teach and share our knowledge!

Take a step into the future of education and email RECKEEN today at:

“We are always happy to hear opinions and suggestions of prospective as well as current clients. We want to know how we can make our products better for you”

CEO, Dariusz Hebisz said.

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Remember that us, teachers, create the prosperity of tomorrow – RECKEEN will make it easier for you and your institution. RECKEEN is so much more than just a teaching and learning tool, and you might realise it very soon!