Capture function – 4K recording

When you are recording in 4k format, a different bitrate is needed to obtain a recording quality similar to one in HD format. When the user is going to work in FULL HD resolution and sets a Custom slider (defined by the user) to the codec’s maximum value, e.g. 25000 kbps, afterwards saves such settings in a session file and loads such a session in 4k format, then the slider will also be set to the maximum value, but this time equal to 45000 kbps for the 4k format.

Using the 4k format you cannot record a file with MPEG codec. In the case of operating the Reckeen system with 2160p format, the H.264 video / AAC audio codec is available.

By clicking on the icon Configure Capturing ( with gears, on the right side of the icon Capture) , a window with Capture function configuration opens up.

Now, in the Format box, you can choose the type of the codec. The size of the files recorded on the hard drive can be controlled by the choice of compression. You can choose low, medium or high quality, or a quality defined by the user. In the first three cases, the system will automatically adjust the bitrate. Selecting a bitrate field allows you to set the desired value of the recorded file’s bitrate. In addition, it is possible to specify the location of the recorded file on your hard drive.

When all the parameters are set, close this window. To start recording simply click the Capture button, which will then change its color. To stop the recording, press the Capture button again. After recording is finished, a shortcut to the recorded video file will be added to tab 5 of Media 1 and Media 2 tray.

Capture function

The Reckeen 3D Studio system uses Intel Quick Sync Video technology, built into some of the Intel processors. This allows for hardware acceleration of a video stream encoding.

Capture function allows you to use the Reckeen 3D Studio system as a Video Recorder. It allows you to record the signal broadcasted by the system on the internal hard drive. The produced program on the air can simultaneously be saved to a file on the disk in *.mp4 format (codec H.264) or *.mpeg format (codec MPEG-2). The resolution and frame rate is chosen depending on the mode, in which the system output operates. On the right side of the Capture button, you can see an icon with gears for configuration of this function, a light indicating the recording, a recording timer (hours/minutes/seconds) and the amount of free disk space (in GB). When you start recording, the red light lights up and the Capture button is highlighted.

The Reckeen 3D Studio system supports the following image formats (codecs):

  • H.264 video / AAC audio
  • MPEG-2 video / mp3 Layer 2 audio

The list of formats supported by the aforementioned codecs:

  • 2160p30 / 29,97 / 25
  • 1080i60 / 59.94 / 50
  • 1080p60 / 59.94 / 50/30 / 29.97 / 25
  • 720p60 / 59.94 / 50