Before starting a new production, first you should choose an appropriate video format, that is a format of the Reckeen 3D Studio system signal output. Click on the 3D PRODUCTION button, and then select the format in which you will be working from the drop-down menu , next to the icon labeled Start Production. Keep in mind for the choice to be consistent with your camera’s working format.

You can also load a file from a previously saved production session. The system has its own session files*.recSession. Session files contain production settings, video clips, graphics, logo, sound, program options, key settings, streaming settings and other. Select a saved session from the drop-down menu, next to the cursor arrow will appear a path to the file on the disk , as shown below, and click on the Load Session button.

You can also search the hard drive to load a previously saved session. It is done by clicking on the button with three dots located next to the Load Session icon.