4K resolution

The Reckeen system allows you to work in 4K resolution. This means operating the system’s up two inputs and 1 output in 2160p format, i.e. with a resolution of 3840×2160. The chroma and luma key also work in 4K format. Reckeen LITE studio offers a Full HD resolution. By purchasing additional License Key, You can upgrade it to 3D Studio &LITE with 4K resolution. In addition, up to two of the inputs, depending on the system version, namely CAM 1 and CAM 3 to which we connect HDMI signal, allows us to connect 4K input signal. We choose CAM1 input for 4K signal.

Before we start working with 3D PRODUCTION or LITE PRODUCTION application, in the STARTUP module, we have to select an appropriate video output format. We do this using a drop-down list located below the buttons. This time, we have added new output formats, labeled 2160p. Picture below.

They are characterized by four times the number of pixels compared to Full HD resolution used previously. It is a resolution of 3840 x 2160.
We can choose from among 3 progressive scan operating modes, that is full frame frequency: p25, p29,97 and p30.
We will choose 2160p30 format and press START PRODUCTION button. We will obtain this resolution at the RECKEEN card’s PROGRAM output after starting the system and loading the Production module. On the second output – PREVIEW – we get a resolution of 1080p30.
We will get information about this resolution when we hover the cursor over input bar. Picture at right.

We suggest to always match the refresh rate of the input image to the output, as in this case: progressive signal p30.