Configuration settings

Here are five functions available in this option Language, Style, Update, Free sets and About.

  • Language
    • Clicking on this icon allows you to change the system language.
  • Style
    • Choice of skins Style for the system: White or Black.
  • Update
    • After clicking on the Update icon, the system searches for software updates.
    • If no new available versions appear in the window, it means the system is fully up-to-date.
  • Free sets
    • The system Reckeen comes with 30 free 3D sets and 30 free Lite sets.
    • After clicking on the button, follow the on-screen instructions. You have to create an account.
  • About
    • When you click on this button the End-User License Agreement (EULA) appears in a separate window along with the current software version number and card’s serial number at the bottom of the window.