Reckeen 3D Studio System Startup

  1. Connect a power cord, a PC keyboard, a mouse and a control panel to the Reckeen 3D Studio workstation.
  2. Connect one, two or three Full HD monitors to the workstation using HDMI, DVI or Display Port on the graphics card. Recommended resolution is 1920×1080 . It is not recommended to connect monitors with different resolutions.
  3. Set the power switch located on the rear panel of the workstation to position 1 – enabled. Open the right door of the front panel and press the button starting the Reckeen 3D Studio system for a couple of seconds. This button is located on the right side of the red reset button.
  4. Important: if you ignore all the messages during the startup process (which can approximately take up to one minute), you will be redirected automatically to the Reckeen 3D Studio Start screen. For more information, see the System Recovery section.
  5. During the first use of the system, the user is obligated to confirm the EULA End-user license agreement. For detailed description go to the About section in CONFIGURATION
  6. There are eight options to choose from on the Start screen (In Version3D + LITE):
    1. 3DPRODUCTION – start the video production in 3D Mode
    2. MICROSOFT PAINT 3D – run Paint 3D Program
    3. LITE PRODUCTION – run Reckeen LITE and start the video production LITE Mode
    4. VSM LITE Editor – start the Reckeen Virtual Space Maker LITE editor
    5. STILL Editor – start the STILL Editor
    6. CONFIGURATION settings – application configuration
    7. RSS – five windows with manufacturer’s information about news, events, promotions, etc.
    8. SHUTDOWN – shuts down the system or close application

The detailed description of each option can be found in the following sections of this manual.