Up to 4 signal sources in the FULL HD format, i.e. 1080p60, can be connected to the Reckeen system’s input card.
In the case of a system with SDI card, one of the inputs supports 4K format with 2160p30 resolution, which is equivalent to the need to process twice as much data as with 1080p60. If you connect such a signal to the system, you can connect 2 additional signal sources in FULL HD format to two other sockets. In the case of connecting another source to the card’s input, an “Overload” graphics will appear on the display. Such a signal source will not be supported in the system.

Warning !!!

If OVERLOAD appears on the input preview, it is necessary to physically disconnect such source from the Reckeen system.
The maximum system throughput is checked each time a source cable is plugged in and a correct communication with the Reckeen system occurs. Priority is given to a source a signal of which is detected first. NDI inputs do not participate in the calculation of the physical inputs’ allowed transfer and are governed by their own rules described in the NDI STANDARD section.

Possible system configurations:

  • 4 inputs x1080p60
  • 2 inputs x2160p30 (card type 4x HDMI)
  • 1 input x 2160p30 and 2 inputs x1080p60