New features in Reckeen 3D Studio the version 1.4.21650

The list of the most important new features in 1.4.21650 version of the Reckeen system along with their short description.

Advance Chroma Key improvement

The new version of the Chroma key adds new functionalities:

  • Colour picker – specific colour selection is now possible in Advance Keyer,
    Pick colour – When you click on the button Chrominance Keyer below the highlighted Mode button , a window with a key settings opens up. Now the background color is selected with a probe. Clicking on the Pick color icon or on a color bar next to the icon, opens a window of a camera preview. Then, you have to select a location with a cursor and click there. The program will automatically sample the color as the background color and present it in the color box next to the probe icon.
  • Alpha Curve parameter – additional parameter to control shape of alpha curve
    Alpha Curve – Chroma key new slider. This new function adjusts the slope of this straight line to add (or subtract) an additional range of colours to a range of non-transparent colours. That way, the range of colours, that are similar to the background colour on which the object is located, will not be cut out by the mask. Additionally, this action highlights the details of the object, i.e. hair tips or areas on the edges of the clothes.

Simple Key improvement

  • Shrink option added – same option like in Advance Key
    Edge Correction is an additional correction that improves the keying quality. The Shrink function is responsible for reducing the object’s contour by softening it.
    This is especially important for certain types of cameras, image from which can produce a white line around the object. It is possible to remove it with the Shrink function. You can also use it in the cases where keying is difficult in some places, due to the properties of the object’s edges or lighting.

Start stage of animation selection

  • User can select start stage of animation (before was always “Intro” now can be set also to “Maintain” or “Outro”)

Trigger configuration button

  • Trigger configuration button – shortcut button to trigger config.

Embedded animation selector added

  • Embedded animation selector added – sub-animation selection is possible in 3D Scene Editor (if 3D object contains embedded animations created by designer)

Sub-animation selection in Advance Animation Trigger.

  • Sub-animation selection in Advance Animation Trigger.

Wait for Trigger Function Key

  • Wait for Trigger Function Key – new command which allows waiting until user press again proper Fn, trigger button.

System buttons and dialogs internationalization

  •  System buttons and dialogs internationalization (translated to Chinese and other languages).

Basic objects (non PBR) conversion to PBR (Physical Based Rendered)

  • Basic objects (non PBR) conversion to PBR (Physical Based Rendered). Converts simple one-texture material to PBR by adding default specular map.

Issue fixed

  • Thumbnail issue fixed.