Accelerate your productions with RECKEEN Software Update 1.8

It’s time for another software update for RECKEEN Lite, RECKEEN 3D Studio and 3DS Pro! Version 1.8 is ready and awaiting to be downloaded and installed.

This time we focused on variety of improvements in different areas, such as performance, operations, facilitations, effectiveness and additional virtual studio features for even better final effect.

Operations and facilitations

  • New macro command (trigger) – V/C Set Depth of Field
  • Cam1 to V/C all – Multi-camera feature when using one camera source
  • Simultaneous visibility of all shadows of on-screen talents in the 3D Studio Editor when using Multi-camera mode.
  • New streaming facilitation: option for entering one RTMP link under ‘Address’ without the need to enter ‘Stream’ information
  • Automatic file splitting when capturing – set time between 15 and 240 minutes – separate files will be created each time your chosen time period has been reached, without stopping the capture.
  • Rebuilt audio mixer – independent audio mixer for V/C set-up
  • Simultaneous NDI out and General streaming
  • Audio output support for Bluetooth audio devices


  • Acceleration of video playback for inputs
  • Acceleration of video files playback for media trays 1 & 2
  • Performance indicator – GPU, CPU, ACCELERATION
  • Lanczos sampling – filter to improve the quality of talent scaling


  • Active option Shadows for PNG objects in the 3D editor
  • Active option Shadows for Animations objects in the 3D editor
  • Precise reflections on the floor


  • Windows 10, version 2004
  • AMD GPU Driver 20.8.3

Additionally, on our website you can find:

Download our new user manual which now includes all of the necessary information regarding changes made in software update 1.8.