Features in 1.3.19745 version

The list of the most important new features in 1.3.19745 version of the Reckeen system along with their short description.

The more detailed information can be found in documentation and tutorial videos:


  • The following section introduces a new function called Transitions FX, that is special effects.
  • The Reckeen system has a 136 (Wipe, Slide and Alpha) database of ready-to-use effects divided into appropriate categories.

New Talent shadow and Talent's automatic pinning to the floor

  • RECKEEN 3D Studio system’s engine renders talent / presenter’s shadows in real-time.
  • Quality has been improved of talent shadow (floor level detection, talent shape shadow)

Reflections 4K

  • RECKEEN 3D Studio system renders real-time reflections from flat glossy surfaces.
  • These reflections change in accordance with altering position of the virtual camera.
  • 4K technology is a new standard for video images.  Now in 4k modes a new quality of reflections has been obtained.

Streaming on new platform

  • New streaming services added (Vimeo, DaCast, SmashCast, Twitch)

New content added

Scenography is one of the most influential elements of a virtual studio, its uniqueness will draw the audience’s attention and emphasize a character of a video material.

With RECKEEN 3D Studio, you get a ready-made designs package, but 3D Studio Editor and Studio Editor Wizard are also its integral parts.

  • With Wizard’s functionality, you can familiarize yourself with the basics of a process of creating virtual scenography.Now are available wizard projects with 45 templates, 633 decorations.
  • PBR (Physical Based Rendering) – scenography, architecture or equipment elements visible on the screen reflect properties of their real-world counterparts. Now 335 PBR materials are available.
  • The current content added to the system contains. For 3D studio 46 ready 3D set design, and for LITE there are 38 sets with more camera shoots (715 shoots in all LITE sets)

Demo sets support

RECKEEN started cooperation with a leading company involved in the creation of scenography, the result of this cooperation is 8 graphic projects made in the PBR technology for the 3D studio and LITE system. The current content includes these scenographies in the demo version. Now you can test them before making your purchase decisions.


  • From now all the set designs created for the LITE system are in 4k technology. The system provides support for earlier HD formats.
  • The LITE  has been expanded by PIP compositions.

Stability & optimization

We have fixed many bugs and improved the system’s quality and stability.