The newest addition to our virtual studios is a SMARTKEY functionality.

SMARTKEY is a new solution integrating chroma key function with media and graphics, in which chosen video clip or graphics is placed as a background layer.

SMARTKEY technology can be used:

  • As 4 independent Full HD, high quality chroma keys with video or graphic backgrounds.
  • As a PIP composition in LITE SMARTKEY app, that can be created using VSM Virtual Space Maker LITE Editor
  • Inside RECKEEN virtual studio

How does SMARTKEY work?

Input signals from the cameras, from up to 4 chosen video inputs in Reckeen SMARTKEY, are sent to chroma keying function. The purpose of chroma keying is to remove green or blue background, and be able to place a talent in a virtual studio. SMARTKEY function integrates a result from chroma keying with chosen video clip or still graphics. Chosen video clip or graphics is placed as a background layer, instead of green or blue colour.

Additional feature includes automatic movement of background media to intensify visual dynamic of a created scene. On such background, a layer with a talent, generated by a chroma key, can be placed. In that way, we can obtain four new media streams – SMARTKEY channels (SK 1 to 4), which can be placed directly inside our Reckeen virtual studio systems space, or sent to additional SDI outputs