RECKEEN software release 1.7 is here !

After months of preparation and hard work of RECKEEN’s team we are happy to announce new software release for RECKEEN LITE, 3D Studio and 3DSPro.
With this update we are bringing you a wave of changes developed to better your workflow, heighten efficiency during broadcast, as well as to improve the ultimate quality of the productions.

Some key changes include:

  • AutoPlay and AutoCue – features providing you with more automated production process.
  • Improved management when using switcher
  • New chroma key characteristics – options for achieving more precise and detailed keying.

Full list of improvements can be founds below:

Workflow updates and changes: AutoPlay

Autoplay is a function that can be enabled on a chosen PGM Bus and it triggers automatic files’ playback from the beginning, when switching to that bus.

AutoPlay can also trigger playback of specific sources when they appear on air in Virtal Studio

AutoPlay for DSK triggers automatic files’ playback of media assigned to DSK, when bringing DSK to Program window.

Workflow updates and changes: AutoCue

AutoCue for inputs triggers an automatic transition to chosen PVW Bus after completing file playback.

AutoCue for Media triggers an automatic transition.

Workflow updates and changes: Clock for Media display

The clocks show the amount of time remaining until the end of playback of files chosen in Media and Still Trays. Last 5 seconds of playback are singled in red.

Workflow updates and changes: New trigger - General reset

When using media as CAM inputs, this trigger allows to synchronise media playbacks from all CAM inputs – starting the files simultaneously from the beginning. This feature comes especially useful for prerecorded interviews or a talks, filmed with multiple cameras at once.

Workflow updates and changes: Switcher management

Clicking on the sources on ABCD switcher automatically brings up corresponding Media Tray tabs on the right-hand side.

For a faster way to control application tabs they now remain on production screen at all times.

Workflow updates and changes: Pause option for Recording

Pause option for Recording allows pausing and resuming recording – captured material will be saved as one file.

Workflow updates and changes: “NO AUDIO” warning

Displayed warning about lack of audio during streaming or capture.

System improvements: Two-way Skype communication

You can easily add a view from Skype callers’ webcams or their screen shares as inputs. You can send Program Output signal to Skype, enabling the callers to see the view from RECKEEN’s virtual studio.

System improvements: New chroma key features

  1. Red-coloured Matte Control mask – helps achieving best transparency of the background
  2. Tolerance Correction – new tab with features allowing for detailed corrections of keying, and enhancing its precision.

System improvements: Opacity

Added slider in 3D Studio Editor allows change in opacity of any 2D or 3D object.

System improvements: Other

  • NDI update to its current version 4.5

  • Support for Windows 10 new version 1909

  • Support for updated version of Microsoft Paint 3D

Additionally, on our website you can find:

Tutorial 44 AutoPlay & AutoCue

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