Reckeen 3D Studio controls Blackmagic Design devices via IP protocol

By using our PRODUCTION module in Reckeen 3D Studio you can combine several functions creating a command sequence that can be programmed to be executed by one of the Trigger banks. A Trigger bank can be triggered automatically with a single button. The functions are then triggered one after the other, creating interesting sequences.

At present we are extended the number of functions with the ability to control external devices such as, for example, Blackmagic products via IP protocols or Reckeen MVP-100.

Therefore, a Trigger is a programmed sequence of preset functions, which can be connected with any device via IP protocols using a single button. Thanks to that you can control functions such as– Play, Stop in your Player or, for instance, control DSK in the PRODUCTION module.

Reckeen 3D Studio and additional 15 LCD keys!

Stream Deck puts 15 LCD keys at your fingertips for ultimate 3D Studio control. Simply tap to switch scenes, launch media or trigger any programming functions from a long list provided by 3D Studio. Personalize your keys with custom icons (image or animation) or choose from them from a library, and get visual feedback every time you execute a command.

Stream Deck puts 15 LCD keys at your fingertips for ultimate 3D Studio control. Simply tap to switch scenes, launch media or trigger any programming functions from a long list provided by 3D Studio. Personalize your keys with custom icons (image or animation) or choose from them from a library, and get visual feedback every time you execute a command.

Reckeen 3D Studio and 3D Animations

2 new features are coming soon in the next free update release of Reckeen 3D Studio:

Animations of any 3D object on a scene

Moving animations can be added to any object. For example, a graph or a monitor can suddenly appear in a form of moving animations.
Simple object can be animated in 3 phases (intro, maintenance, outro).


  • set duration of a phase
  • rotate object around x,y,z axis
  • move object from x,y,z offset to current object position
  • zoom out from 0 to 100% size


  • set duration of a phase
  • rotate object around x,y,z axis
  • move object by x,y,z offset and back to current position
  • zoom from 100% size, then 0 size  and back to 100% size
  • single animation
  • loop animation
  • ping-pong rotation
  • phase activated by a trigger or automatically when intro phase is finished.


  • set duration of a phase
  • rotate object around x,y,z, axis
  • move object by x,y,z offset
  • zoom out to 0 size
  • phase activated by a trigger or automatically when maintenance phase is finished.

Import and play animated objects from 3D programs

(e.g. an airplane model can be inserted and spread into parts – if the animation is prepared in a correct way as stated below)

Reckeen 3D Studio enables you to insert 3D animations that are built based on position, rotation and scale modifications. Currently, we do not support bone animation yet (Rigid body). Any object that has the parameter “Animated Yes” in its specification means that such animation can be inserted. An object with an additional “Rigged” option (bone / skeleton animation) will be treated as an ordinary object. Reckeen 3D Studio supports and recommends animations in FBX format.

There are many portals with free and paid objects and animations, such as:

You can search for animations in different categories: Architecture, Vehicles, Characters, Furniture, Electronics, Animals, Plants, Sports, Food, and Anatomy and choose from ready animated objects.

Animations can be very useful for example in medical applications – we can animate a human body – e.g. animation of blood flow, animation of removing an organ to see what’s behind it, etc.

Both of these new features will help to liven up your 3D set design.

Reckeen 3D Studio – the new release

Regarding changes in the next version 1.3.20271:

  • Shadows in basic materials – Our Squat sets scenography, in the version with burnt textures, has now added shadows. To see the full effect in Squat sets, please download the current version of the scenography, from our website DOWLOADS/ RECKEEN 3D STUDIO / SYSTEM FILES / Squat sets
  • Dual gain & audio mono.
    Education market often uses wireless microphones, and that’s why we added a mono switch for rope inputs and additional gain in case of a lower level signal from the pre-amplifier. It is also important to use a correct cable – mono cable for Jack 6.3mm. Now you can connect four of such microphones, two to the input JACK 6.3mm and another two to the input of XLR.
  • Vkey-100 firmware update – T-bar position fixed
  • Support for new motherboards family Z390
  • Facebook plugin updated
  • NDI module updated

Mobile Reckeen 3D Studio in Edge from NextComputing

Reckeen 3D studio will soon be available in a powerful compact tower as a portable version of Reckeen 3D Studio.  Powerhouse Edge D100 by NextComputing  is streamlined, high-performance and optimized for portable version of our Reckeen 3D Studio.  All versions of hardware cards from 4 x HDMI up to 3G/12G SDI will be available with this version of Reckeen 3D studio.

This mobile studio does not have an internal audio panel, but it is offered together with our Audio Digital Box ADB-100.  Reckeen 3D Studio in portable version is equipped with integrated 17.3” Full HD LCD monitor. The weight of this system is only about 10kg, and that’s what makes it very portable.

Additionally, if you do not need the Audio Digital Box and/or VKey 100 control panel, the system can be also used without it, which further increases its portability.  The Portable Reckeen 3D Studio is available only for specific orders.

MVP-100 Advanced Chroma Key

All new features in MVP-100 include an upstream key and from the next release will also include full chroma keying for green screen and blue screen shots.

That means you can add weather maps, graphics, and other virtual sets behind the on-screen talent!

MVP-100 key will have many adjustment possibilities, such as: Black, White, Despill, Shadows, Shrink, Auto color background, Background color picker and of course Garbage Mask!

MVP-100 support ADB-100, coming in next firmware release

ADB-100 is an additional, external audio module extending not only functionality of Reckeen 3D, but from now on also MVP-100.  With its built-in Audio Link interfaces this device can be installed directly at a studio as well as on stage. The use of RJ 45 cable and Audio Link technology enables transferring all inputs and outputs stream to greater distances (with a single RJ45 cable).

MVP-100 supports embedded audio and together with ADB-100, it has access to analogue audio input and output as XLR or MIC / Headphone, and also has the highest digital audio standard as AES / EBU signal quality (AES3).

IP or RS232 command in MVP-100

Now, you can use simple commands to program a function you need directly from the terminal or your application on MVP-100. The command can be sent via the RS232 or LAN port. Full list of available functions in published on in the download section / MVP. The protocol is open and available to everyone.

Example usage of LAN TCP/ IP command on MVP device

MVP-100 can be accessed by TCP connection on port 5002. Default IP address is when no DHCP server is available in local network or dynamic – IP address can be read by MVP-100 PC Update application.  MVP-100 accepts only one connection at a time.

Example usage of TCP/IP command in MVP device

Track rectangle as simple example - set rectangle at position

User screen resolution is always 8K apart from input signal resolution and selected output format. Maximum rectangle size is 7680×4320, minimum size is 256×144. For 4K input signals only one track per input can exceed Full HD resolution, e.g. if Track 1 rectangle size is bigger than 3840×2160, the sizes on Tracks 2 to 4 can be at most 3840×2160 (which is one quarter of 4K input, equal to Full HD). For HD input signals this limitation does not apply.

  • Starting frame – second quarter: x1 =3840, y1 =0 / x2 =7659, y2 =2159
    ending frame – first quarter: x1 = 0 , y1 = 0 / x2 =3839 , y2 =2159
  • Sync Byte: AA; Byte Count: Dec 20 Hex 14;  Command Code: 21; Input A: 01; Track 1: 01
  • DEC 0: HEX 00 00; DEC 2159: HEX 08 6F; DEC 3839: HEX 0E FF; DEC 3840: HEX 0F 00; DEC 7679: 1D FF
  1. Starting frame:   x1 = 0F 00;  x2 = 1D FF;  y1 = 00 00;  y2 = 08 6F
  2. Ending frame:    x1 = 00 00;   x2 = 0E FF;  y1 = 00 00;  y2 = 08 6F
  3. CheckSum: 49
  4. Command: AA 14 21 01 01 0F 00 1D FF 00 00 08 6F 00 00 0E FF 00 00 08 6F 49

Example usage of TCP/IP command in MVP device

MVP-100 free new update.

Firmware release notes:   2019.02.22 – version 1513d

  • Added upstream key functionality
  • Added downstream key functionality
  • Added solid colour sources
  • Added grab functionality
  • Activated LAN TCP/IP control protocol

Reckeen 3D Studio, choose from 3G-SDI or 12G-SDI models

At present Reckeen 3D Studio is available in two versions – with 3G and 12G speed. Version with speed of 12G SDI allows you to record, play and upload video materials in Ultra HD quality – that means the quality is four times better than traditional HD 1080, providing video resolution of 3849 x 2160. Simultaneously, 12G SDI remains compatible with all the SDI equipment. This technology is also implemented in MVP-100.