Mobile Reckeen 3D Studio in Edge from NextComputing

Reckeen 3D studio will soon be available in a powerful compact tower as a portable version of Reckeen 3D Studio.  Powerhouse Edge D100 by NextComputing  is streamlined, high-performance and optimized for portable version of our Reckeen 3D Studio.  All versions of hardware cards from 4 x HDMI up to 3G/12G SDI will be available with this version of Reckeen 3D studio.

This mobile studio does not have an internal audio panel, but it is offered together with our Audio Digital Box ADB-100.  Reckeen 3D Studio in portable version is equipped with integrated 17.3” Full HD LCD monitor. The weight of this system is only about 10kg, and that’s what makes it very portable.

Additionally, if you do not need the Audio Digital Box and/or VKey 100 control panel, the system can be also used without it, which further increases its portability.  The Portable Reckeen 3D Studio is available only for specific orders.