RSS module is a place where information about news , events, promotions and products is sent by the manufacturer. There are five windows on the start screen. Remember that in order to receive it, it is necessary to have an Internet connection.


Here are five functions available in this option: Language, Style, Update, Free sets and About.

  • Language
    • Clicking on this icon allows you to change the system language.
  • Style
    • Choice of skins Style for the system: White or Black:
  • Update White or Black
    • After clicking on the Update icon, the system searches for software updates.
    • If no new available versions appear in the window, it means the system is fully up-to-date.
  • Free sets
    • The system Reckeen 3D Studio comes with 10 free 3D sets and 10 free Lite sets.
    • After clicking on the button, follow the on-screen instructions. You have to create an account.
  • About
    • When you click on this button the End-User License Agreement (EULA) appears in a separate window along with the current software version number and card’s serial number at the bottom of the window.


Also from the Start screen you can start the STILL Editor. It is a program for creating text and graphic panels. You can prepare, for example, subtitles, logos or news tickers – which will later appear on screen. First, select from the drop-down menu an appropriate resolution, consistent with resolution of production video, and then click on the Start Editor button. You can also load a previously saved file by selecting it from the drop-down menu or by searching your hard drive, as in the previous example.


Virtual Space Maker LITE Editor has been designed to edit and introduce changes to the ready-made sets, but also to allow the users to create their own set designs. Such sets are intended for Reckeen LITE system. Just as with the previous options, in order to start the editor you have to choose the image system in which you are going to create your set design. You can launch the editor with the latest scenery (Run the editor with the last M/E) or load the scenery from the computer disk (Load M/E). Loading a scenery is also possible later on while the editor is already running. VSM LITE Editor is also available as a standalone application to be installed on your PC or laptop.

The Reckeen system provides support for the AUDIO BOX: ADB-100.

The Reckeen system provides support for the AUDIO BOX: ADB-100. It is an external module that extends the audio capabilities of the Reckeen system. We can now connect more audio signals to the system. Also in the digital standard AES3. AES3 (also known as AES/EBU) is a standard for the exchange of digital audio signals between professional audio devices.

NDI Standard now in Reckeen system!

NDI, that is Network Device Interface. It is a standard that enables network communication by sending and receiving a high quality and low-delay audio and video signal. NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interface technology is a royalty-free standard enabling IP video workflow across Ethernet networks and represents the most prolific IP-based workflow in the industry. NDI is a trademark of NewTek, Inc. NDI makes reliable operation in a live production environment possible. When you use the NDI, you will be able to transmit and receive video signals through LAN or WI-FI.


When you press LITE Production button, the same options appear on the screen as with the 3D Production mode. You have to choose the right format and load the session. Reckeen LITE mode will start after clicking Start Production button.


After you click Microsoft Paint 3D button and then Start Paint 3D button, you will be redirected to Microsoft Paint  3D. You can create there your own 3D objects and save them in * .FBX format on the disk. After closing Microsoft Paint  3D program, you automatically return to Reckeen 3D Studio’s start screen. You can load the created 3D object (e.g. a 3D text) to your stage design after clicking 3D PRODUCTION button and opening 3D Studio Editor.

Paint 3D program gives you enormous opportunities, like:

  • You can sketch the drawing and then quickly change it into a three dimensional object.
  • You can use the ready-made solids, build objects with their use, paint them, change their sizes and so on.
  • Realistic textures, such as wood, grass or others, can be applied to your objects.
  • You can create clippings from your favorite images or photos and use them as stickers to be put on your 3D models.
  • You can show your 3D objects on , where you can also find and use thousands of other users’ creations.

You want a car to appear in your studio? It’s very easy – you can create it from scratch or use one of the existing pieces of work!
You can put the crated objects into Reckeen 3D Studio system and enjoy the results of your work.
Microsoft has released a series of video tutorials for Paint 3D:

Before you begin working with Microsoft Paint  3D, please read the terms of Microsoft Services Agreement. They are available at: