Working with 4 virtual cameramen V/C

During the production, you can change the settings of each cameraman by clicking on the shots’ miniatures. You can then wander around the studio with one selected cameraman, e.g. with a camera set to move according to the ORBIT motion, as in an earlier example.
Producer can also switch between V/Cs, choosing a virtual cameraman an image from whom will be show on the vision. Switching between views from different virtual cameramen V/C can be done with a production mixer and functions: Take, Auto or with a T-Bar handle.
After switching to a different cameraman, you can operate again on the shots defined in this V/C group.
Possibilities of cameras’ movements provided by the virtual studio Reckeen 3D are the same as in a real TV studio. Hence, we can recreate diverse, complex camera movements used in TV or film techniques and assign them to virtual cameramen V/C.
If, for example, the loaded studio has sub-studios, then one virtual cameraman can operate in the main studio and a different one in the sports studio, with another in a the weather studio and so on