Virtual Space Maker LITE Editor – sources A and B – talents

A layer representing signal sources – sources A and B (Talents). This layer can be placed anywhere on the Screen and can be resized freely. It represents a figure of a presenter – the Talent layer is a ‘place for the source signal’ from the camera. For the ease of use, there are several Talent thumbnails depicting
different shots of the set. You choose a type from Source Type drop-down list.

Talent and Screen layers are represented differently in the editor, but the difference between them is arbitrary – they are identical on a technical level. It is even more evident later on, in the LITE Production module, where they can have any kind of input signal assigned, i.e. camera image, video, static image, etc.

It is possible to place several Talent layers in your studio’s set design. The maximum number of layers with sources (Talent + Screen) in the set design is 8.

The maximum number of sources in the set is 4 and they are marked with letters A, B, C and D. It means that if you put more than 4 sources in the set, e.g. 1 talent and 5 screens, then on some screens the same content will be displayed (they will have the same source, e.g. A).

By default, A and B sources are for the Talents and C and D are for the Screens, but you have always a possibility to change the source. Image below: selecting a signal source from Source Index drop-down list.