Virtual Space Maker LITE Editor – menu bar

Menu bar is located at the top of the screen. You can find four main options there: File, Edit, Configuration and Help.

The table below shows the following sub-options available after clicking on a main option.


  • New – creates a new file.
  • Load – loads an existing file.
  • Save – saves the changes made to the current project.
  • Save as – saves the project file under a different name (There is a function preventing unintentional overwriting of a file).
  • Go to Startup – exits the editor.


  • Undo – deletes the last introduced change. Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Z.
  • Redo – reverses the undo command. Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Y.


  • Language – allows you to choose the application’s language.
  • Styles – changes the application’s appearance: black or white version.


  • Help – About the program – User license agreement (EULA)
  • QR Code- Here, you can scan the QR code to open the support Reckeen website.