Virtual Space Maker LITE Editor – layers window

You can see Layers window on the right side of the screen – area 2. This window renders accessible the following 4 functions. Function icons are located at the top of the window.

Starting from the left:

  • Create: Add a layer
  • Delete: Delete the existing layer
  • Move up: Move the layer up
  • Move down: Move the layer down

In order to start editing, click the first icon on the left: Add a layer. A window will open: Select layer type.

In this window, you can find four different types of layers that can be added by clicking on a layer:

  • Sources A and B (Talents),
  • Sources C and D (Screens),
  • Object layer,
  • Studio layer.

After marking Studio Layer, click Add button. You can now browse graphic files on your hard drive. A single click on a file will open the file’s preview. To load a graphic file, press Open or double click on the file name.

After loading the image file, it appears in the workspace, while its thumbnail shows up in the Layers window. There are two icons on the right side of the image’s thumbnail: Visible and Solo.

Their functions are described below:

  • Icon: Visible – by default, the visibility of a given layer is enabled, and you can disable visibility of a given layer in the studio by clicking on this icon. This way, you can, for example, turn off the visibility of a desk or other object in the studio, without removing it from the list.
  • Icon: Solo – this icon is disabled by default. Click on Solo icon to hide all the other layers. Only the selected layer will be visible in the workspace. All the others will disappear. This feature is especially useful if the studio contains a lot of objects and some layers’ visibility is hindered.