Virtual Space Maker LITE Editor – introduction

Virtual Space Maker – a virtual set design editor is an additional module of RECKEEN LITE system, complementing its Production LITE module. It has also been prepared to operate as a stand-alone program that can be installed on any PC. With its help, you can easily set up your own virtual studio
scenography. The design of a studio is carried out with the use layers placed one above the other. This way, you can make a composition of pre-prepared graphics and layers representing signals – sources A and B (Talents) and sources C and D (Screens). A Talent is a presenter or an actor in front of the camera. After saving a project prepared in this manner as rec2D file, you can use it as a ready-made virtual studio’s set design, that is, load it into RECKEEN LITE system. Before you begin working with VSM Editor, on a startup screen you should choose an image system in which you are going to work in the editor. See picture section: Reckeen 3D Studio System Startup> LITE VSM Editor.

Key features of the Virtual Space Maker editor

  • create your own virtual set designs,
  • graphic file layers layout,
  • edit layers: add a new layer, reorder the layers, hide existing layers or remove unwanted ones,
  • changes in a layer such as zoom, changes in its position and rotation along its X, Y and Z axes,
  • special .rec2D file format that can be easily loaded into the production module,
  • menu available in different languages,
  • various Talent views to be set: full, behind the desk, middle – showing shots of a set.
  • choice of application style: white or black.