Virtual Space Maker LITE Editor – control window

There are various options of layers’ editing available in the control window in the lower left corner of the screen. The image below. Options available for an object layer – there is an image loaded from the disk on the layer.

Below, you can see a description of individual buttons’ operation.

  1. Name panel – a place where you define the layer. A description ‘Source’ appears for the Talent and the Screen layers, while a ‘Static logo’ is shown for the Studio layer and for the Object layer, just as in the image above.
  2. Image panel – a path on the disk to a selected file for Studio layer or for the Object layer. Click on an icon with 3 dots to choose a different graphic file from the disk and load a different Image in its place. In order to delete an image from a layer, click on an icon with bin mark.
  3. Source Index – select a source for the Screen or the Talent layer from a drop-down list: A, B, C and D.
  4. Source Type selection – from a drop down list: Talent Full, Talent Desk, Talent Middle, Screen and Other.
  5. Layer’s Edit Mode – available modes are: Rectangle and Points.
    • Rectangle – in this mode, you can change shape, size and position of a layer with the use of icons set at the bottom of the Screen (joystick and knobs). A detailed description in the further part of the manual.
    • Points – this edit mode is available when you choose Talent, Screen or Object layer. It allows you to perform various kinds of transformations on a selected layer. You can move it anywhere on
      the Screen by hooking the cursor on a point located in the corner. You can change positions of the points to be able to freely modify the layer’s shape. A detailed description in the further part of the manual.
  6. Solo – by default this option is disabled. By enabling it, you hide all the other layers except the selected one.
  7. Visible – this option is enabled by default. Disabling this option hides the selected layer.
  8. Opaque – opacity. This option is available for the Talent, Screen and Object layer. It is enabled by default for the Screen layer, while for the Talent and Object layer, it is disabled by default. By enabling this option a transparent area on the selected layer changes to black.
  9. Reset Transformations – you can restore the selected layer to its default initial size and shape by clicking on this icon. All operations performed on this layer will be deleted.
  10. Crop Layer – this function allows you to crop the loaded image. You can only use it on the Object layer. Description further in the text.