Virtual Space Maker LITE Editor – control window – talent layer

The Talent layer (source A or B) is the last layer to be inserted into the set design. Normally, one or two Talent layers are used in the project.

After loading the Talent layer into the set design, a white frame appears surrounding this layer. This white frame indicates the size and location of the camera image in the studio’s set design.

When the Talent layer is loaded, you can properly adjust its size and location to a desired position.

At the end, save your set design on the disk by clicking: File > Save as. At this point, you can enable mark set as not writable option at the bottom left of the window to protect your set design from any changes made to this file, e.g. overwriting it.

When the set is saved on the disk, you can close the editor. Now, if you have Reckeen LITE virtual studio running, you can load your set design into the LITE Production module and make a live show.