Vision Mixer – Production switcher

An executive area – a Vision Mixer (production switcher), – occupies the middle part of 3D Production module screen. The mixer’s panel is composed of two rows of buttons with executive keys block on the right side of the screen. It is used to direct the chosen content on the air and to prepare the next materials for broadcast. See the image below.

Mixer buttons are located on Program and Preview lines. You can switch between different sources of signals on PGM and PVW by clicking the corresponding buttons.

The top line of buttons – PGM – indicates the image the source of which is sent directly on the air. The selected source button directed to be broadcast at the moment is highlighted in red.
The bottom line of buttons – PVW – allows you to indicate which image source will be aired next. An active button is marked in green. The chosen material is visible in the PREVIEW window.

12-inputs main mixer:

  • 4 x CAM – allows you to select an input source, to which a signal from a camera is usually directed. You can use chroma and luma key on the signals from this channel. You can also use a signal from an external source e.g. PC, camcorder, video player or another video source such as NDI input instead
  • 4 x V/C – allows you to select one of four virtual cameras (virtual cameramen).
  • 2 x Media – two video files from your hard drive
  • 2 x Still – two graphic images from your hard drive

After selecting and editing the sources for the broadcasted program, the next step concerns using the function buttons: online streaming, transition effects, inserting a logo or an animation during the production process with the help of DSK and others. Descriptions of the individual functions are presented below.