Virtual 3D studio editor

The goal of working with the editor is to prepare a studio before a live broadcast. You should keep in mind that, if one of the V/Cs is selected in the main PROGRAM mixer at the moment and you want to make some modifications in the editor – it can cause some unexpected changes seen directly by the viewers, e.g. a studio element disappears.
You can open the editor with Studio Editor button. As shown below.

After opening, you can see the editor screen. The Reckeen 3D Studio system operates on a single file virtual 3D studio project loaded, but it can be a very complex one. You can add another studio project to the already existing one and place it on the same set, e.g. by its side or at the top. The second studio is added with the Add… button in 3D Editor.
This way you will have in one file , two different studios with the possibility of two (e.g. V/C1 and V/C2) cameramen in one virtual studio and two (e.g. V/C3 and V/C 4) in the other studio.
After adding a new studio, it may not have lights. If your studio is dark you have to add light to it.
See the picture below.