Video program Streaming function

Streaming function allows you to send a broadcast signal over the Internet in the form of a data stream. With this feature, the program realized live immediately reaches all its viewers, even at distant locations in the world. The Reckeen 3D Studio system is a crucial link for this type of projects, as apart from creating a broadcast signal, it makes it available in the form of a data stream. With an appropriate software you can upload the stream to a server that supports streaming. The server allows you to make the signal
available to many viewers simultaneously. Watching such broadcast is possible on any device with a web browser, e.g. a PC or a tablet.

To carry out an internet broadcast you need to:

  • have a source signal – it is provided by the 3D Production module,
  • convert the signal to a format suitable to the capabilities of your Internet connection,
  • broadcast it on the web by clicking the Stream button.

To configure the streaming, open the configuration window with the Configure Streaming gear icon located next to the STREAM button. Then, set the data stream’s video and audio parameters. With that done, you can enter the individual address and the key you had obtained after registering at the chosen service enabling streaming, that is, allowing multiple users to view the material simultaneously.

Before you start streaming your program with the Reckeen3D system, you should check your internet connection. There are two basic definitions in the specification of an Internet connection, that is download speed (receiving the data) and upload speed (sending the data). You need to have an Internet connection with an appropriately high upload parameter, which on the market is usually much lower or at maximum at the same height as the download parameter.

Different suppliers, such as Ustream and YouTube, usually provide the parameters recommended to work with the system on their websites. But you have to take care of the state of your connection. Typically, if you want a video of an acceptable quality, the minimum recommended speed of sending the data (upload) is approximately 2 Mb/s.

In our application, we used the parameters ‘bitrate’ and ‘resolution’, that together define the quality of the broadcast image. The higher the bitrate set in the Reckeen3D system, the faster the Internet will be required. This Internet connection should be used only for streaming. In the case of a shared connection, other users may interfere with your transmission.

To find out whether your connection is sufficient, it is recommended to do a couple of tries before you start streaming your live image.

First, launch 3D PRODUCTION module in the Reckeen3D, then click on Options and then on Configuration and Streaming. Before you start your first broadcast, you should test all the Audio and Video Settings to check with which maximum quality you can stream using your Internet connection. Streaming bitrate cannot exceed the available bandwidth of transmission. What’s more, it should not be even close to that value. After checking, you should better add further 20% bandwidth as a safety margin. For example,
when you have an internet connection with the upload parameter of 2.5 Mb/s, it is recommended to set the bitrate to 2000 kbps and so on.

Providers make available on their websites the proper tools for testing the Internet connection. You can easily find them by typing in the search engine: ‘Ustream’s Network Test Tool’.

Remember that not all the connections are of the same quality and condition. For example, a wire connection is much better and more stable than a WIFI connection, which is more prone to fluctuations in quality and can be easily interrupted. When you have a shared connection, other users can disrupt the

For those less experienced, we recommend contacting the IT department of their company, as it may be necessary to open the network ports needed for broadcast (port 1935).