Using the DSK function

In order to use the DSK, you need to enable one of the buttons: DSK1 or DSK2 and select the source. Then, you have to adjust the location on the screen with Placement function. Entering on the air may occur smoothly (MIX button) or abruptly (Cut button). They operate independently of Take button on the switcher.

Example of the DSK layer usage: in order to use the DSK, one of the DSK buttons has to be enabled, then a source from a drop-down list has to be selected

  • DSK button is highlighted in green,
  • the caption is ready for broadcast,
  • caption’s preview is displayed in a PREVIEW window
  • to change caption’s size and position on the screen, you can optionally use Placement button (Note – changing the caption’s position is not possible, if it is being already displayed on the air!) – description in the further part of the manual.
  • the caption can enter on the air smoothly (MIX button) or abruptly (Cut)
  • the operation of MIX and Cut buttons is independent of the Take button on the switcher,
  • when the caption is visible on the air, the DSK button’s color changes to red
  • to remove the caption from the vision, use MIX or Cut button again,
  • after removing the caption from the air, the DSK button’s color is changed again to green and the caption appears in a PREVIEW window.

Both DSK 1 and DSK 2 layers are handled exactly in the same way. This enables using common MIX and Cut buttons to support DSK 1 and DSK 2 layers, which allows you to show both DSK layers on the air in a synchronous manner, and to switch the caption from DSK 1 with the one from DSK 2. In this way, one caption will appear, while the second will be removed from the vision. To fully understand the principle of using the DSK function, you should perform several dry-runs with Cut and MIX buttons. A PREVIEW window, where the entered texts appear, should be watched simultaneously.

The MIX function’s delay (length of transition run-time) can be set in seconds or in frames next to this function’s button.
Click Placement button below the selected DSK 1 or DSK 2 button in order to configure position and size of the object inserted with DSK, a logo for instance. A window shown below will open then

Joystick: used to change the object’s positions on a screen through rough manipulation (joystick hooks and steers the cursor) or accurate one by pressing 4 directional arrows around the joystick. On the other hand, a very accurate positioning is possible through pressing the up/down arrows displayed beside the fields with numerical values.
Central vertical controller : used to change the inserted object’s size, – you can move it with the cursor
Right rotary knob: used to rotate the inserted object on the screen- you can move it with cursor.