Streaming on YouTube platform

To conduct the streaming on the YouTube platform, it is required to create an account with a Good standing. To check the status of your YouTube account, you have to log on, go to the Channel tab and choose Creator Studio icon and then Status and features. Here, you can see that the account has a Good standing status. As shown below. Scroll the page all the way down and make sure that the option Live streaming is enabled.

Now go to the Reckeen3D system. Choose the Streaming tab in the Reckeen3D Configuration window of the Production screen. Select YouTube platform from the drop-down list and click on the Open website icon.

Log into your YouTube account. After opening the Home tab in the Reckeen3D window, click on the My Channel tab and then on the Video Manager icon.

RTMP URL address and Channel Key settings are stored in a session file. Those same settings can be saved as a single Flash Media Encoder XML File. After entering the streaming data, just click EXPORT FMLE button and save the file to the disk with “* .xml” extension.

In the Video Manager, click on the LIVE STREAMING tab and then choose the Stream Now option.

After opening Stream now tab, scroll to the bottom of the page to the ENCODER SETUP section.

Without closing this window, first copy the visible server’s URL and then paste it into the Address field in the Reckeen3D Configuration window. Afterwards, press the Reveal icon, as shown above, and copy the disclosed data to the Stream field.

After pasting the data into the fields of Address and Stream, click the OK button. Now, you can begin streaming on your YouTube channel. Filling the fields User and Password is not mandatory. You just need to pre-set the parameters of Audio and Video Settings in order to adjust the quality of the broadcast image to the capabilities of your internet connection. You can now save an entire session with the data into an appropriately named file (File> Save Session As …). You will be able to load it from the file any time you want to start streaming on the YouTube platform.

The Reckeen3D system has UStream, YouTube and Niconico platforms listed, along with a Custom version to choose from. The next picture.

When you select the Custom version, you can enter any parameters of the streaming service supporting RTMP. Now, all you need to do is to inform your viewers about the name of your channel (you can also send the link from the platform) and time of your broadcast. Now, you can go on the air with your own live show!