Streaming on Facebook

It suffice that such a service supports RTMP protocol. Those are ;, or Facebook.

Log into your account. You have two options. The first one is to stream on Facebook via your user account, that is using a regular post. A video window will appear in it, just as usual, when users exchange information or videos. The second option is to create your own Facebook page with its unique name.

If you choose the first option, you need only to have a Facebook user account.

In the case of the second option, you have to log into your user account and create a page.

Select Pages tab from the management tabs on the left side of the screen.

Click Create Pages button to create a page.

Choose a category and enter the page’s name. The page is created after you press Get Started button.

You have created a site. Now you start to stream on Facebook.

First, launch the Production module in the Reckeen system – 3D Production or LITE Production.

Press streaming Configuration button. From the available services, choose Facebook.

Then, log into your user account. Enter your e-mail address and password.

In order to be able to stream on Facebook, you have to accept the terms and conditions. The first one states that Facebook will get your profile information, such as name, photo, age, gender, language, country and such. Press Continue button.

The streaming content will be shown on the user’s account.

Facebook now asks you, to whom this streaming should be visible to – whether it’s a public video show, a friend’s show or just for the account’s owner.

If you created a page, the Facebook will ask you about a possibility of adding streaming there, so that other users could view the video and have a chance to like it or comment on it.

Choose what you allow.

Accept the terms and conditions. You are now logged in.

As mentioned earlier, there are two streaming options. Streaming to a user account – so you choose a user account. If you have video channels created, choose one of them. If not, you can create a new channel. In the Parameters window, type in a title and a brief description. If everything is filled in correctly, press Create button.

You can see the added video stream on Available Videos drop-down list. Click on it and click OK.

The settings are ready. Now, all you need is Stream button on the Production screen, to send the video to your Facebook channel. You’ve started streaming the video. Other users can view the image from your Program output in your post.

Press Stream button once again to stop streaming. After pressing this button the second time, it is not possible to continue with the last video. You have to choose another one or create a new one.

Now, the second option – streaming to your Facebook page. Select Page in the Live Video> Context area. Choose available pages from the drop-down list. Write a title and a brief description. Press Create button.

You can see the name of the created page and the available video. After pressing OK button, you can stream, this time to your own page, where a new post with the streamed video will be created.

Press Stream button once again to stop streaming.