Sound mixer – configuration window: audio tab

When you open Configuration Window in 3DProduction Module or LITE Production Module: Menu>Options>Configurations. In the AUDIO Tab – you can find settings of the system’s sound. There are two levels of the line signal to choose from:

  • The first one – Pro, – is a professional one, where level 0 has a value of +4 dBu. This signal level is the most common for the XLR connector, commonly known as Cannon, and for the TRS connector, that is 6.3 mm stereo Jack. You may also find it on the TS connector.
  • The second signal level – Consumer – has the 0 level for the value of – 10 dBV and it is most common for the RCA connector, commonly known as Cinch. The difference between them, are described below.

Different voltage reference levels have been chosen for Pro and Consumer levels.

  • Professional level:4 dBu, then we get level 0 on analog inputs and outputs. This equals 1.23 V.
  • When working with Consumer signal, in order to get 0 value on the output and on the input, a signal with a value of 0.32 V has to be connected. These principles apply to the AUDIO Panel connectors at
    the front of the Reckeen workstation and analog connectors in external AUDIO BOX panel(ADB-100). In the case of digital inputs and outputs, such as a camera, level 0 is a level of – 20 dBFS. Level 0 for the Media file means the maximum digital value of the signal.