Sound mixer – AUDIO BOX ADB-100

If you connect an additional ADB-100 device to Audio Link connector, you can expand the Reckeen system adding additional inputs and outputs:

  • two digital inputs on XLR connector (AB Digital 1, AB Digital 2)
  • two analog inputs on XLR connector (AB Line In 1 stereo, AB Line In 2 stereo)
  • microphone input for dynamic and condenser microphone
  • two digital outputs on XLR connector
  • two analog outputs on XLR connector (stereo output 1, stereo output 2)
  • stereo headphone output

Warning ! It is recommended not to connect or disconnect a microphone to the ADB-100 during the time the red LED is lit up. You can safely connect a microphone only in None mode.

An additional ADB-100 tab appears automatically after connecting the device to power supply and communication cable.

A sound from system’s MASTER OUT is always supported on the digital outputs: AB Digital 1 and AB Digital 2 and on the analogue outputs: AB Line 1 and AB Line 1.

When you set a headphone source with a drop down list, you set it jointly for AUDIO Panel and AUDIO BOX headphone outputs.

You can adjust the sound in the range of -40 to +10 dB, where the 0 level (AB Line In 1, AB Line In 2) corresponds to -10 dBV (-7.8 dBu or 0.316 V RMS) in the case of a consumer level, or 4dBu (1.78 dBV or =1.23 volts RMS) in the case of a professional level analog inputs/outputs on ADB -100 panel. It depends on audio level settings in Configuration Window: Audio Tab.

In the case of digital Audio input /output (AB Digital 1,2), 0 level corresponds to -20dBFs.