Setting custom camera V/C shots

Now, you set your own camera positions for virtual cameraman V/C 2.
Click on the first window on the list of shots – Camera 1. In a large window, a studio image your chosen camera ‘sees’ at the moment will appear. You can now adjust its view by hooking the mouse cursor on the screen.
With a left mouse button, you can move the camera in along X Y axes (X – horizontal, Y – vertical). If you want to move the camera forwards or backwards – use the mouse scroll. The same effect can be achieved by pressing the middle mouse button (usually the scroll roller) and moving the mouse up and down.
Let’s imagine that the camera is on a trolley which can be moved – from side to side, and forwards or backwards, – and the camera can be raised or lowered vertically when the trolley is standing still.

The movements a virtual camera performs due to the mouse movements correspond to the actual camera movements in a studio (see the image below): movement of the trolley from side to side – Track right, Track left.
movement of the trolley forwards and backwards – Dolly in, Dolly out raising and lowering of the camera vertically – Pedestal up, Pedestal down
Description of real camera movements in a studio.

Now let’s use the right mouse button.
Click the right mouse button, hook the cursor on the screen and direct the view of your camera.
This reflects a real situation, where a camera stands still on a tripod in the studio, and you only change the direction of its vision on a tripod head, that is rotate it horizontally and vertically.
This corresponds to the actual camera movements in the studio – turn to the left and to the right, that is Pan right and Pan left.
Rotation in the vertical plane: turn up and turn down: Tilt up, Tilt down.
In addition, there is a Zoom function – not available with a mouse, but from the screen level in the Other section.
In the Zoom function, you can adjust the image from the camera, zooming in and out without making any changes in the perspective or on the image plane. This is an equivalent of changing a focal length of the lens.