Scene section

In the Multiview area, in the windows at the top left of the screen, you can display image from cameras or every video signal source and other multimedia files . There are two preview windows on the right side of the production screen:
PREVIEW (caption on the green bar) and PROGRAM (caption on the red bar)

  • PREVIEW – presentation of an item chosen to broadcast next
  • PROGRAM – presentation of a currently broadcasting signal (system output)

Mulitiview view on the production screen for Reckeen 3D Studio.

Shadows – Selecting enabled allows you to turn ON shadows in the studio, both for objects and for talents. For more see chapter “Shadows” below.
The Show Ground Grid function – enabling this feature will result in displaying a grid on the studio floor, which will facilitate objects’ positioning. Grid squares have sides with a length of 100 units, that is 1 meter.
The Show World Axis function – switches on an additional 3D Gizmo for the studio. This 3D Gizmo shows directions in the studio all the while making the orientation easier.

The SkyBox function – it is an additional function for creating objects, a method that enables adding *.dds files to the studio project – that is, typical files simulating the space outside the studio depending on camera angles. This will be the most distant space, often completely outside the studio. You have several types of SkyBoxes at your disposal: ‘Cube’ (default) – *.dds files, ‘Cylinder’ – bitmap files (*.png., *.jpg, *.jpeg,*.bmp) , ‘Sphere’ – (*.png., *.jpg, *.jpeg,*.bmp) and ‘Sphere reflect’ – (*.png., *.jpg, *.jpeg,*.bmp). These files contain a flat image, which can be applied on the SkyBox of a given type, yielding e.g. a three-dimensional view of the sky.

Sky box type: Cube

After loading a Cube type Sky Box, you can set the following image parameters:

  • Movement – this parameter simulates bringing a SkyMap closer to the studio and moving it away. You can observe how the SkyMap moveWhen you are creating a set design, you can use a measuring instrument that will show current overall performance of the Reckeen system. You can turn this function on with a button in the Studio Editor (see the image below).ing the slider on a range from None to Strong.
  • Rotation – by default, values for this parameter are assumed in degrees from 180 degrees to (minus) -179.99 degrees. When the SkyMap file is loaded, this parameter is set to 0. Entering further Rotation values will make the SkyMap rotate on its axis to the right or to the left. If you type in ‘180’, then the SkyMap will turn around and an initial view will be placed exactly behind the camera directed straight ahead towards the studio.
  • Sky box type: Cylinder – space around an observer is created by wrapping a flat image on a cylinder. After loading Cylinder type Sky Box, you can set the following image parameters:
    • Offset – controls the SkyMap’s cylinder shifting up / down in relation to your studio’s floor. Negative values shift it down, positive values up. Values are assumed by default in % and the maximum value is 100%. At 100% your cylinder is shifted up to the top and its bottom edge is at your studio’s floor level. At (minus) -100% the SkyMap’s cylinder is shifted totally downward and its top edge is at the floor level of your studio.
    • Scale – adjust the ‘wrapping’ of the loaded cylinder’s image. Values are assumed by default in %. At 100% the cylinder is wrapped without gaps in the image, the image is 100% filled up. Values above 100% will cause the image wrapped on the cylinder to overlay, while values below 100% will result in creating a gap in the image.
  • Rotation – its default values are set in degrees from 180 degrees to (minus) -179.99 degrees. If the parameter is 0, the camera standing in the studio and pointing straight ahead ‘sees’ the center of the image. By entering the next Rotation value, you will rotate the image on its axis to the right or to the left.

Note: Sides if images to be displayed as panoramas on cylinders should have multiples of 1024 as their lengths in pixels: 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384
For example: files with resolutions: 8192×2048, 8192×4096, 16384×2048
Files with other resolutions may be displayed in inferior quality or may slow down the system.
In the case of a Cylinder type SkyMap, you have to be careful about reflections in the studio. It may happen that a glossy floor reflects the ‘top’ part of the cylinder, which is, in fact, an empty hole, resulting in the unnatural look of the studio’s floor. It is not a case with Cube, Sphere or Sphere reflect types of Sky Boxes that fill the whole sphere.
Sky box type: Sphere – this type of SkyMap requires .jpg files, but specially prepared. Some cameras can take this kind of panoramic pictures. After loading this file, a full sphere is created around the studio.
When you load a Sphere Sky Box, you can set the same image parameters as with the Cube.
Sky box type: Sphere reflect – just like with the Sphere files, this type of SkyMap requires .jpg files, but specially prepared. You can get such panorama files by using certain cameras or by preparing them by a graphic designer. After loading such file, a full sphere is created around the studio.
After loading the Sphere reflect type Sky Box, you can set the same image parameters as with the Cube.