Reckeen LITE: Virtual studio Configuration Panel

After opening a production screen of LITE Production, you will find the virtual studio Configuration Panel in the lower left corner. The Reckeen LITE Studio system will always open a new session with a starting studio loaded.

A studio file’s path on the disk is displayed at the top of the panel.

The Reckeen LITE Studio system is equipped with 4 V/C channels, that is Virtual Cameras. The backlit buttons V/C 1 to V/C 4 on the left side of the configuration panel allow you to choose which group of V/C shots you can currently configure.

The V/C buttons in the panel are fully compatible with the main video mixer. If you change the status of the main mixer (switch the V/C on the mixer), whether it is in PREVIEW (PVW) section or PROGRAM (PGM) section, the button in V/C control panel will switch automatically. V/C tab button is highlighted in red when the virtual camera V/C to which it is assigned, is on the air, that is, in a live signal on the PROGRAM screen. And when the button is highlighted in green, it means the virtual camera V/C image is displayed on the PREVIEW screen.

Each V/C shot of the studio enables definition of virtual camera movements in 4 different phases.

Control panel allows you to define four phases for one virtual camera V/C shot (Phase 1, 2, 3 and 4 previews). The current phase is marked by a highlighted stripe above the preview. Phases can be switched at any time, both when the studio is on the air, and when it is being prepared for broadcast. Clicking on a preview of one of inactive phases switches the view to that phase.

After loading to the control panel a studio’s set design that has several virtual camera shots, the shots will be loaded into V/C 1, V/C 2, V/C 3, and V/C 4 trays. This will correspond to images from 4 virtual cameras in the studio. Switching between the trays allows you to quickly change the virtual camera’s view.

In the Reckeen LITE system, you can also load one studio into the V/C 1 container, which is going to be on the air, and a completely different one into the V/C 2 tray, which we is going to be prepared for broadcast on the PREVIEW screen.

PROGRAM and PREVIEW screens for two different studios loaded into two V/C trays.