Reckeen LITE: Virtual studio Configuration Panel – loading a studio file

In order to load a selected studio project, choose one of the V/C trays to which a new studio is to be loaded. Press one of V/C buttons on the PVW switcher. You can also select the tray by pressing V/C button on the side bar. The selected button will lit up green.

Then, press Import button in the studio’s configuration panel.

Specify a proper file with *.rec2D extension in the file selection window that opens. After clicking on a file, its set’s preview is displayed in the window on the right.

The file will be loaded into the selected V/C tray. In order to load the consecutive projects or studio shots, the action should be repeated for the subsequent studio shots, choosing a different V/C tray number.

NOTE: For each studio’s set design, you should choose sources A, B, C, D that will be used in the displayed studio.

Such loaded studios are immediately ready to be used, so if you want the studio to appear on the air, you only need to press TAKE button.