Preview and Program windows – changing the signals

This block consists of several components, the most important of which is a Take button. Clicking it causes immediate switch between PVW and PGM signals. What was planned to be broadcast is broadcasted and the signal “removed” from the vision goes to PVW display. FTB (Fade To Black) button allows for a gradual transition of the broadcasted signal to black. This function is used for taking down the broadcasted image from the air and replacing it with black, for example in an emergency or at the end of a broadcast. Using this button cause a total quiet on the master audio output.
The same effect as with the Take button can be achieved by using the Auto button, with only difference being that the change of PVW and PGM signals does not occur at once, but smoothly, on a down-mix of both images and slow transition from one image to the other. You can set the time of this transition in seconds or in frames using the arrows located next the Auto button.
It is possible to control the Auto function directly from the production screen. You can operate the T-Bar slider displayed on the screen with a cursor. The same result can be achieved by using the T-bar handle on the VKEY-100 control panel.