When you are creating a set design, you can use a measuring instrument that will show current overall performance of the Reckeen system. You can turn this function on with a button in the Studio Editor (see the image below).

or better accuracy of measurement and evaluation, it is suggested to choose an output format in which you intend to work and to connect the appropriate number of inputs.
The evaluation of system performance depends on many factors, i.e. video input, format of files in video and graphic trays, sequences used, enabled DSK layers, etc. Therefore, the indicator provides some approximation of performance evaluation. During the measurement it is suggested to include the largest area of the studio possible in the stage camera’s view, but still as if it was done working on the air.
When this function is activated, the main mixer’s PROGRAM and PREVIEW will be switched for a while, so it shouldn’t be used during live operation. You will be informed about that with a message. If you don’t want to see this message again while launching the function, check an option: Do not show this window again. If you want to see the messages again, in the General / Options settings press a button: Reset pop-up warnings to default state. Picture below.

After you accept the button, a progress bar will appear with its respective colors and percentage of system usage under given conditions. See the description below.
Performance is depend on many factors (not only number of triangles) in objects:

  • Set complexity
  • number of triangles,
  • number of objects,
  • materials,
  • texture resolution.

Performance colors:

  • Green performance (to 70%) counter means that set is properly prepared and optimized. Can be used without any problems.
  • Yellow color (from 70% to 90%) means that set is quite heavy and very rare with very heavy system overloading can produce jerks,
  • Red color (above 90%) means that set is too heavy and should be better optimized or complexity should be reduced.