Outline function allows you to edit captions’ contours.

Due to the changing screen background during the broadcast, the entirely monochromatic captions may disappear at certain moments, when the background color is the same as the text’s. For this reason, borders are added to the text with a color contrasting with the caption’s filling. The most commonly used version are white letters with a black outline, and this option is set as a default when creating texts.

The Outline function enables using different kinds of Pen Styles, that is texts’ borders.

We can choose: No Pen – captions will have no contour, or one of the following options: Solid Line, Dash Line, Dot Line, Dash-Dot Line and Dash-Dot-Dot Line.

Width is a next useful option. When you change its value, the width of text’s contour changes. See the image below.

Possibility of setting yet another option – Join Style allows you to change the shape of texts’ contour. See the image below.

The captions can be more rounded (Round, Bevel) or rather sharp (Miter, SVG Miter).

Value of the miter limit can be adjusted, if your font and its contour requires so.

You can also set the color of the text’s contour (border).

The color wheel shown in the picture below is based on the RGB model (Red, Green, Blue) extended with transparency and also Hue, Saturation, Value, and Alfa channel (which is transparency).

Texts’ color can be set using the sliders located on the right side of the screen:

  • Hue – the hue parameter corresponds to the colors on the edge of the color wheel, starting from 0 (red), through 120 (green) and 240 (blue) to 360 (red). By changing the slider’s value, the position of an indicator line on the wheel is changed.
  • Saturation – the value of saturation parameter ranges from 0 (white) to 255 (100% full saturation), by changing its value with a slider, a circle’s position along one of the square’s sides changes.
  • Value – the brightness parameter encompasses the range from 0 (black) to 255 (100% bright color of a given hue and saturation), by changing its value with the slider, the circle’s position along one of the square’s sides changes.
  • Transparency is set with an Alfa slider – the transparency parameter ranges from 0 (fully transparent, invisible border) to 255 (100% full visibility).You can also use the cursor to set all the above values (except the Alpha channel). The cursor has to catch on the line indicator pointed with a lower white arrow in the picture below.

Changing the position of the line indicator on the wheel allows you to set the color by changing the Hue parameter.

If the cursor is caught on the circle indicated by an upper white arrow, you can move it inside the square. This allows you to change all the other parameters apart from the Alfa.

The current color will be visible in the middle of the white circle.