Operating modes: Camera and Object

First, let’s discuss the different operating modes of a mouse on the 3D editor screen:

Camera operating mode

Clicking with a simultaneous movement.
Left mouse button: change the camera’s position/view in the studio in X, Y axes. Scroll – move the camera forwards and backwards in the Z axis.
Right mouse button: rotate the camera in a studio – to the left or to the right and up or down.
In this mode, the mouse can lock X, Y, Z axes in order to position a camera view accurately, just as in the Camera setup.
On the picture below – two axes (X and Y) are locked, so the movement is possible only in the Z axis.

Object operating mode

If you only click the left mouse button, you will select the object located at the cursor’s position. The object will be highlighted in red and a 3D Gizmo, which is an indicator allowing you to edit the object, will be displayed for it. The type of the Gizmo indicator will depend on the selected object’s editing mode (move, rotate or resize). You can see a 3D Gizmo portrayed with arrows in the following picture, it allows you to move the object in all 3 axes.

With right-click on the 3D Gizmo you can carry out an orbit operation on the highlighted object. This operation is described later on in this manual.
When the object is selected with a cursor and highlighted, you are still able to move your camera. Just click the left mouse button and move it simultaneously, but this time – beyond the red outline of the object. This allows you to position the object better in your studio, being able to see it from every possible angle.
If you want to disable the object’s highlight – just click the left mouse button again on the object highlighted in red. The highlight will disappear, thereby signaling leaving the Object operating mode.