NDI Standard

NDI, that is Network Device Interface. It is a standard that enables network communication by sending and receiving high quality and low-delay audio and video signal. NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interface technology, is a royalty free standard enabling IP video workflows across Ethernet networks and represents the most prolific IP-based workflow in the industry. NDI is a trademark of NewTek, Inc.

Such a foundation makes reliable operation in a live production environment possible. The Reckeen system allows you to broadcast a stream from PROGRAM channel to the network. To do this, we have to go to the settings pressing a ‘gear’ button located next to STREAM button.

In the GENERAL tab, we can set parameters for streaming to a server supporting RMTP protocol, for example to the Facebook.

Facebook streaming in Settings tab
Streaming tab in Setting with selected NDI

This makes it possible to watch PROGRAM output all over the world via a browser.

When we press NDI tab, we will be able to broadcast a video signal, but this time across LAN.

It connects computers in a specific area, for example a school or an office, that is computers connected within a local structure. We enter the stream’s unique name, STUDIO NEWS for example, in a box at left.

We press OK to accept. In the moment we press STREAM button, a transmission of audio and VIDEO
streams will begin. We stop streaming by pressing the button again.

NDI stream name
NDI Sources configuration

In the situation when we stop sending the NDI signal and change the name of the stream, after the transmission resumes, the application will not refresh this stream. The receiver have to refresh search and connect ones again to the transmitter with new name.

Now, we will show you on an example how to receive a particular NDI signal. We go to menu OPTIONS and CONFIGURATION. In the last position, we can see NDI tab.

Due to the system’s specific nature of operation and capacity, we suggest using a maximum of two FULL HD streams, i.e. 1080p60.

If we want to use also other inputs as NDI, we should broadcast a stream with a reduced resolution, 720p for example. To receive the NDI stream, we have to select one of the inputs.

In the Reckeen system, it is possible to replace the physical input of the camera or video stream from the tray with the NDI signal.

We will choose CAMERA 4 input and press NDI button. On the right, a button with three dots appears.

After pressing it, a window shows up in which we can choose NDI stream.

NDI Source selection
NDI Source name assigned to CAM 4

On the list we can find a description that contains a computer’s name and further in brackets, a name entered in the STREAMING window and a computer’s IP address. Below, we can see a STREAM KEY selection function.

If we leave this option checked, it will not be possible to set a keying algorithm when we go to KEY 4 tab. NDI graphics will then appear. This means a key’s mask is provided by the NDI stream.

We will go back to the NDI settings in the CONFIGURATION window. We uncheck STREAM KEY option for the given input. Now the input can be
subjected to a keying procedure in the RECKEEN system.

We can use in the same way chroma or luma key algorithm as if it was an
input connected to the Reckeen Card via HDMI or SDI.

To distinguish whether a given input originates from the Reckeen Card or
from the NDI stream, there is an ‘NDI’ caption on the input bar. Next to the caption, the input’s video format appears.

Disabled Chroma key when NDI is connected to input
Preview for NDI source

NDI input supports two channels, left and right . In the mixer’s AUDIO INPUT tab, all functions, such as MUTE, SOLO or volume level slider, work in the same way as in the case of a physical HDMI or SDI input.

The sound level in the case of NDI input is treated in the same way as in
the case of MEDIA. The 0dB level on the indicator means the maximum value of the sound level to be accepted. Above this value, the signal is distorted. Therefore, when we broadcast an NDI stream from the Reckeen system, this value can not be exceeded.

We can send any content between two RECKEEN systems. Using PGM buttons of the main mixer, a user on the second computer can send: A full-screen view from a camera connected to the system, any video file, graphic file, as well as studio’s view.

With VC 1 to VC 4 buttons, we will control a view of our studio loaded into the system, setting the appropriate camera shots, whereas a signal from another machine containing a view of another studio will be sent to CAM 4 button with the use of NDI.

This provides an opportunity to build a structure of a large-format TV station.

Production with connected NDI source