Menu Bar

Menu bar is located in the top left side of the screen. Below, further sub-options, that show up when you click on the main option, are shown.

Menu Bar – File

  • New – create a new virtustill file of the text panel
  • New from Image – to create a new text panel a background of which is loaded from an image file.
  • Load – load an existing virtustill file
  • Close – close the currently opened file with a possibility to save changes
  • Save – save changes to the current project in the virtustill file
  • Save As – save the project file under a different name
  • Export – allows you to save the project as an image in PNG file with ransparency (alpha channel) preserved.
  • Go to Startup – quit the editor

Menu Bar – Edit

  • Undo – Deletes the last change in the editor
  • Redo – Reverses the Undo command
  • Copy – Copies the last selected item (text, picture, frame, rectangle)
  • Paste – Pastes the previously selected item
  • Add – Enables inserting objects (picture, frame, rectangle, text) into the working area. For quick access this function is also available in the form of icons on the vertical toolbar. See the next image.
  • Remove – deletes the selected item

Menu Bar – View

The View option allows you to enable showing the column of color editor or contour editor view at right side of the screen. See the image below – as indicated with a red line.

Menu Bar – Object

The menu option Object allows you to determine the order in which objects are visible, in case they overlap.

For example, if you want to put a caption on a colored bar (rectangle), you have to move the text to the top, otherwise it will not be visible, as the bar will cover the text.

Menu Bar – Text

In this window, you can set all the parameters of the font being used, such as Font type and Size, Font Style (Demi Bold, Bold, Demi Bold Italic and others), Effects (Strikeout, Underline) and you can also select the Writing System. The changes will be visible in the Sample preview window in the lower right corner.

Menu Bar – Scene

The Scene Menu option has three sub-options: Properties, Scale and Preview.

Properties – this option allows you to change the parameters of the scene’s background (Grid). You can change the applied grid’s size, as well as the two colors of chessboard squares. See the image below.

Scale – this option allows you to set the background’s scale. You can set the scale ranging from the lowest value of 10% to the highest at 1,000%. The image below shows the scale of 10%.

Preview – this option enables the preview of an entire screen during the detailed editing. This way you can check the layout of all the elements. See the image below.

Menu Bar – Configuration

The Configuration option has two sub-options: Language and Configuration.
The Language sub-the option allows you to change the language of the Still Editor program.
See the image below.

The General Configuration sub-option allows you to enable/disable the rendering. By default, the rendering functions are enabled. This allows you to create objects, like texts, in high resolution (quality).
Disabling the rendering option allows you to increase the speed of editing the texts in Still Editor, but at the expense of their quality.

Menu Bar – Help

Here, you can scan the QR code to open the Reckeen website. When you click on the About the program icon, the End-User License Agreement (EULA) appears in the window, along with a number of the current software version and the card’s serial number at the bottom.