Media tray – video file auto play function

When you enable the AUTO PLAY function, in the moment of entering the vision (or the PGM screen), a video file will start playing from the beginning, regardless of whether it is an only source on the vision or it is a source displayed on a virtual scenography screen. If the Mark In marker has been set in the file, the playback will start from that selection. In the case of a playlist – it will start from the beginning of the first file or from the location of the Mark In marker in the first file.

Files from the other tabs (Still 1 or Still 2, Text 1 or Text 2) will be displayed continuously after loading to the player. Their playback time is not specified. It lasts as long as the file is not replaced by another file loaded into the player. If you delete a currently playing file from the media tray, its content will be replaced by a blue background.