Media tray – setting video playback time. Mark in and mark out tags

If you want to show on the air only a part of the video that interests you, you have to use the markers of a beginning and of an end – Mark In and Mark Out. You can set them to replay any selected portion of the video. The first marker – Mark In marks the beginning of the video file fragment, while the other one – Mark Out, its end. You can move the markers with your cursor on the playback progress bar.

If you want to set a Mark In marker precisely on a chosen video frame, use the buttons that allow you to move the playback position marker (blue triangle) by one frame forwards or backwards.

When you set the playback position marker exactly on the selected frame, place a cursor on the progress bar area, and click the left mouse button. Select Mark In from the drop-down list.

Then, the Mark In marker will be set in the exact same position as the playback position marker is located.

If you want to use several fragments of a given video, you have to load the video file several times into the tray and mark the respective fragments in each file separately. In order to make them into a single continuous video, a Play All (playlist) function, described further in this manual, should be used.