Media tray – setting the displayed content on the monitors

After connecting the monitors to the Reckeen 3D Studio system, the displayed content can be set on the screens.

For this purpose, after opening the 3D Production module, click Options on the top Menu bar, then click on the Layout and select the previews’ layout that suits your needs from the dropdown menu.

There are the following options depending on the number of the monitors connected:

  • One Screen,
  • Two Screens (Production + Multiviewer),
  • Two Screens (Production + Program),
  • Two Screens (Production + Preview),
  • Three Screens (Production + Multiviewer + Program),
  • Three Screens (Production + Multiviewer + Preview) .

After setting the previews’ content on the screens, you can also specify which preview from the already selected will appear on which specific monitor. For example, if you have two monitors and the screens already selected (Production + MultiViewer), you can set, which exact monitor will show the specific content. To do this, click again on the Options icon at the top left of the production screen and select Configuration from the drop-down menu.

Click on the Screens icon in the window that opens. In the opened Monitor configuration window, you can set what Monitor1 and Monitor2 will show (Production + MultiViewer or MultiViewer + Production).