Media tray – preparing media for broadcast

Using the medium added to the media tray is very simple, it requires only one step. You just have to find the file in an appropriate tab of the media tray and double-click it with a mouse. From this moment on, the medium is replayed (Media 1, Media 2, Still 1 or Still 2, Text 1 or Text 2, Sound) and can be used directly in a live program.

You can select a single file from each of the tray media tabs and load it into a player. In the case of video files (Media 1, Media 2), you can play up to two video files at the same time – one from each of the tabs, that is one file in the Media 1 tab, and the second one in the Media 2 tab. The keys used to control the playback of a file loaded into a player are located at the bottom of the media tray.

There are the following functions available:

  • Play ,
  • Pause (on the same button as Play) ,
  • Stop ,
  • previous Frame,
  • Next Frame ,
  • Loop (switch the playback loop)
  • Additionally, a playback progress bar is displayed along with information about the length of the movie, the current playback position (picture below),
  • Mark In and Mark Out markers (picture above)
  • PLAY ALL and AUTOPLAY functions.

In order to turn the Play media after selection through double-clicking function off or on, you have to click on the Configuration icon at the top left of the production screen, and then select Configuration from the drop-down menu.

This opens a window, where you have to click on the General icon on the left.

When the loop is off, the video stops at its last frame. Pressing the stop button sets the playback to the first frame.